Profiles are exceptionally useful if you want to use custom layouts for each toon and want to use it on multiple toons, or perhaps have custom layouts based on the role you are playing.  For example, when you are DPSing maybe you want to see less information than you want to see when you are healing or tanking.

Profiles are the way to do that. I suggest making a profile just after you finish up making your first layout.

  • Select "Profiles" from the Left side menu.
  • The first profile is set to default. Just to the left in the New Box type in what you want to call your first profile.

Any time you want to change between profiles select the name in the drop down box. This is particularly useful if you want to rework some portion or all of your current layout to something new, and yet still have a workable profile for raid tonight.

You may find there are some very valuable layouts you set up that you want to use for another set up. For example, you have an alt that you want to use the same layouts with but want to change up the frame placement on your screen. 

Be very careful when using the "Copy from" box.

Ensure that you have made a new profile and selected that new profile from the drop down before you use the drop down to copy from another profile. It will not ask you for a confirmation before it copies that other profile into your new profile.

If you find a profile you no longer need, you can delete it by selecting it in the delete profile drop down box. It will ask for a confirmation before deleting.