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A number of people use PitBull for their Singleton Frames and then look to another unit frame add on for their raid groups. One popular combination I have seen is PitBull with Grid. But with a little bit of effort, you can make a PitBull-Grid with just PitBull.


For comparison, here is a picture of Grid in action:

Grid in Action

Here's a sample of a PitBull 4 Grid:

Pitbull 4 looking like Grid

Here's how

  1. Make your Raid group. See the earlier guide if you are unsure how.
  2. Next Make a new layout for use on this grid by;
    1. Under Bars, disable the Cast Bar, Experience Bar, Threat Bar, Reputation Bar. If you use the Mana bar add on for Grid, leave the Power bar on, otherwise disable that one as well.
      1. If you want to use the Power Bar, remember to adjust the size of the Power bar and Health bar heights to fit how you want your frame to look. You can also set this bar to "Hide Non-mana" if you only want to see it on those players that use mana.
    2. Under Indicators disable Combat Icon, Combo Points, PVP Icon, Voice Icon and Rest Icon.
      1. Remember you can choose to customize your PB4grid to include those features if you prefer to use them.
      2. Be sure to leave the Raid Target Icon enabled, But if you prefer it to not be on the top of the frame, you can adjust the placement.
    3. Under Aura, on the general tab, Uncheck "Buffs," "Weapon Enchants," and "Debuffs." This will turn off the icons, but leave on highlighting the frames with a border to signify things you can dispel.
    4. Adjust the Texts by:
      1. Disable Lua:Class, Lua:Power, Lua:Health, Lua:PVPtimer
      2. Change Lua:Name's location to "Middle." You may also want to adjust the size of the text to better fit the frame
  3. Apply your new Layout to your Raid Group on the General Tab of "Groups"
  4. On the Unit Formation Tab,
    1. Set both Vertical and Horizontal Spacing to 0.
    2. Set Units per Column to 5.
  5. Back on the General Tab, scale your Grid to fit your screen space. You may find that you need to adjust the size of your Layout as well in order to get the size you want.

Assuming you have followed the above steps and you wanted to have the power bar enabled you should have a Layout that looks like this in config mode:

PB4 Grid Config