PitBull Unit Frames 4.0

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Changelog OhMyDog

v4.1.12 changes

  • Added some Aura filters based on what the default UI shows (personal buffs, group buffs, target debuffs, group debuffs)
  • Added VoiceIcon module
  • Updated Short and VeryShort LuaTexts to be locale-aware
  • Added inactive boss frames support (previously hidden boss frames will be shown in Battle for Azeroth).
  • Fixed some LuaTexts functions for Battle for Azeroth.

v4.1.10 changes

  • Added support for Battle for Azeroth.
  • Added Allied races for LuaText functions.

v4.1.6 changes

  • Fixed an error that would prevent frames from showing in config mode.
  • Updated Totems to show for Death Knight Gargoyles and Priest Shadowfiends.

v4.1.5 changes

  • Updated when the Totem bar shows and added some color settings (background/timer text) to the layout settings (There are more color settings under Colors->Totems).
  • Fixed Chi display.

v4.1.4 changes

  • Added showing your prestige rank when flagged for PvP. You can change this back to just your faction icon under Indictors->PvP icon.
  • Updated Soulstones to use the Blizzard art. Hopefully everyone likes the new icons!

v4.1.1 changes

  • Added Masque support for auras. If you use Masque, you can set the skin for the layout under Aura->Display or in Masque under "PitBull4 Aura". Two PitBull skins are provided that will work with hiding/showing the border as set in the settings, or you can disable Masque support completely in the module options (Modules->Aura).
  • Fixed modules not updating on group frames. (Notably VisualHeal)
  • Fixed anchoring to group frames.

v4.1.0 changes

  • Frame anchoring. For example, you can anchor your Target of target frame to your Target frame so that it moves when you move your Target frame. In config mode, frames anchored to another frame will show a gray line connecting them at the anchor points set.
  • Multiple unit frames
    • Want a player cast bar that auto-hides and doesn't squish your other bars together? Create a new unit frame and set the unit to Player, set a layout that only has Cast bar enabled on it, and anchor it to your original player frame.
    • Due to how the indicator offset system works, it makes fine-tuning the position of secondary resource icons awkward. You can now create a duplicate unit frame for positioning your combo points exactly where you want.
    • Frame names now use the unit frame label instead of the unit. For example, PitBull4_Frames_player is now PitBull4_Frames_Player, PitBull4_Frames_targettarget is now "PitBull4_Frames_Target's target". You'll need to update any addons (kgPanels) that anchor to your unit frames. You can check the name of the frame with /framestack.
  • Default frame positions. Starting from scratch no longer dumps all of the frames in the middle of your screen. They will now show in a layout similar to the Blizzard layout.

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