guide/Party and Raid Frames

I am assuming you read the earlier guide on PitBull 4 and now understand Layouts and Units. For some people that is plenty, but most people want party and raid frames as well.

Party Frames:

PitBull 4 does come with a default Party group. To set up your party frames, first select "Party" from the drop down config mode menu. This will put a "party group" of frames on your screen. Because Party and Raid are groups of frames and not singletons, you will use the "Groups" section of the left menu. In addition to the preset Party group is the preset Party Pets group. This group handles all party pets including vehicles the game portrays as pets. However, not all team mates will necessarily have a pet. Keep this in mind when you build your layout as your spacing and how much you want to devote to pets is likely variable.

Working with Groups:

Groups has three tabs on its page, unlike units with just its one. This is because you also need to be concerned with spacing between frames and how you want your frames to be sorted.


This is the menu to set up party and raid groups.  You still need to have layouts but you apply them to this whole group of frames

  • Some very important features are on this tab, including the "layout" where you would select what layout you want to use with these frames.
  • If you like a layout you are using but want to see it left-to-right instead of right-to-left or top-to-bottom instead of bottom-to-top then you can check a simple box to flip the layout the other way.
  • Swap with vehicle this checkbox will set your frames to swap to the vehicle instead of the player. Which can be highly useful in those vehicle fights like Flame Leviathan.

Unit Formation

  • Sorting the group, in a party you only have the choices of Index (think the F1, F2, F3 of Blizzard frames of who is first member of the party) and by name (A-names before B-names, etc.) When you get to raid frames you also pick up the ability to sort by class (all the druids together, all the warlocks together, etc)
  • Growth direction: In a party this is not as critical of use as you are dealing with a small number of people (5) but when you start looking at raid groups they range from 10 people on up to 40 people and that's ALOT of frames. Do you want them to start filling in as a row across first? or as a column?
  • Vertical Spacing, or how much space between the bottom of frame A and the top of frame B can be important. Do you want them to snuggle tightly or with spaces between for buff/debuff indicators and pet frames?
  • Horizontal Spacing Is how much room from the right side of frame A to the left side of frame B. If you are building a grid-like design you may not want a lot of space. If you are putting pets next to owners, perhaps the next column needs to be a bit further over.
  • Units per column/Units per row: This indicator changes based on what you picked as your growth choice. Did you want rows across or columns down first? Basically this tells PitBull when to start building row or column #2+


  • For party groups you are able to filter by checking the appropriate size, which types of groups you want to see the party frames. This is party frames turned on in addition to the raid frames.
  • For raid groups, you can make one big group or party split groups, or whatever grouping you prefer. You can filter your group by what size raid you want to use and which parties within that raid.

Raid Frames:

PitBull 4 does not, at this time anyway, come with any pre-built raid frames. But worry not, they are easy to add and are customized just the same as the party frames.

To make Raid frames Go to Config mode for the size group you want to start with. (5-40 man raid sizes available)

Go to the "Groups" menu on the left side. On the right you will see a drop down of "Current group" and a box for "New Group" Type a name in the new group box to add a new group. (Just as boring as before I picked "Raid")

Go to the filtering tab and turn on the size raid you want to see that Group for. (It may be easiest to start with a 10 man group to start.) Once you check the raid size you want, its frames will appear on your screen.

It will add as many frames as you have chosen to layout.

Keep in mind you can choose 10 man Raid and then also use that layout for multiple raid sizes using the filtering tab. You do not need to make every size raid group. Make as many or as few different layouts as YOU like. Lay them out just as you would if you were building your party group. Of course, assign them a layout. (and perhaps build them a new layout) and voila.

If your desired layout is one where you want to have split rows such as 3 parties in row one and 2 parties in the second row, you may want to create multiple groups for your raid layout.

Group one may be "Parties 1 to 3" and Group two "Parties 4-5"

After you have made your first group, on the Filter tab choose "By Raid Group" from the "Filter type" drop down menu. Check the appropriate Parties for each group.

Or perhaps your preferred arrangement has a class group focused layout, but you don't want one giant group sorted by class, you want individual groups for each class.

In that Case make a Group as above for each Class. (Perhaps "paladins" for paladins and "warriors" for the warriors?)

On the filtering tab choose "By class" as your "Filter Type" and check the box for the appropriate classes for each group. Arrange your groups how you would prefer to view them

Below are a couple samples of some raid frames in action. A few popular raid frame layouts are included on other pages of the guides.



Here's a simple raid frames sample. Another Raid Frames Sample