guide/Making Layouts and Applying to Frames/Class Specific Indicators

This page illustrates some of the various different ways you can use Pitbull 4 for your Class Specific Indicators, such as Totems, Runes, Combo Points, Soul Shards and Holy Power. This is not an all inclusive illustration, it is just intended to show you what these look like, and give you some ideas. These features are located under "Indicators" on the Layout Editor.

On thing to keep in mind is that these indicators will follow the default Blizzard behavior of not showing on your interface at the very earliest of levels when you do not have the ability to use them. (Runes for Deathknights being an obvious exception since they start at level 55.) The majority of these indicators become available at about level 10. You will be able to enable them prior to that level, but they will not show on your layout.

Some classes have additional alternate power bars, which should not be confused with indicators, such as Demonology Warlocks with Demonic Fury, or a Druid or Monk's Mana Bar in their forms that use Energy.

Burning Embers (Destruction Warlocks) Burning Embers are more complex indicators, in that they fill each flame in sections. Here you can see a horizontal above, with a third ember starting to form. And here they are as vertical edge aligned. Withasea continues to provide wonderful screenshot commentary on her indicators

Chi (Monk) This shot shows the brief flare of activation on the second chi indicator, normal full chi on the first indicator

Combo Points (Rogues, Feral Druids)

(Keep in mind that combo points apply to your target and not to yourself. You need to make sure you are working on the target frames layout.) Combo Point Default and Variations

Eclipse (Balance Druids)

Eclipse as a bar Positioned as a bar within the frame layout.

Eclipse not as a bar Positioned without using "Position as Bar"

Vertical Eclipse Vertical Layout

Holy Power (Paladin)

With patch 5.0 this indicator has increased to a total of 5. The indicators are the same in style, just the number has changed.

Holy Power Horizontal Positioned without "Position as Bar" and used horizontally.

Vertical Holy Power Also available as a vertical!

Runes (Death Knights)

Rune Frame Samples

Shadow Orbs (Shadow Priest) Empty Indicators above the frame Partially filled indicators, aligned to the top edge. And... vertically aligned.

Soul Shards (Affliction Warlocks)

Fresh out of the box The default flavor (on a non-default flavor frame)

Vertical and Transparent By making the shards vertical with a transparent background they fit in with this frame a bit better. (I thought so.. but apparently based on this screenshot my dwarven warlock was shocked. Either that or she's singing to her Voidwalker, because he is totally checking her out!)

Totems (Frost/Blood Death Knight, Druid, Monk, Shaman)

Totem Frame Samples The Monk Totem In Frost and Blood spec, the ghoul is a totem. Druids Wild Mushrooms are also treated as totems.