PitBull Unit Frames 4.0




Why can't I use the right click menu to set or clear Focus on a unit?
Setting or clearing the Focus is a protected function and only Blizzard code can do this. At present there is no way to do this from a menu. Use /focus or a keybinding to set your focus.
How do I get different configurations for different frames?
You need to make a layout for each unique configuration you want. You can use the layout on as many or as few frames as you want. The PitBull4 Guide has details on how to do this.
How do I bind spells to mouse clicks on the frames?
Use Clique. While other unit frame addons may include this feature, we feel that Clique does this really well and allows you to configure the bindings across any unit frames you may be using, even if you're using different addons for different things.
Why does my health bar turn red while I'm in combat and still have full health?
This is the aggro module displaying that an enemy is targeting you. You can turn this off for all frames by simply disabling the Aggro module or for specific Layouts by going to the Aggro tab under Other in the Layout editor. It can also be displayed as the frame background if the Background module is enabled or frame border if the Border module is turned on.
I have the Blizzard Player and Target frames set to hide in PitBull4 but they keep turning back, how do I fix this?
You're probably running HealBot or some other addon that is showing them again. You can configure HealBot to also hide them under Skins, General and have both the Hide party frames and Include player and target boxes checked. Incidentally, the HealBot author could keep track of which frames his addon hid and stop showing frames he didn't hide and thus stop overriding other addons settings.
How do I convert my settings from PitBull3 to PitBull4?
You'll have to setup from scratch. The addons have drastically different designs and writing a converter is not an efficient use of time.
How do I turn Portraits on or off?
In the Layout editor for the layout you want to change under the Indicators tab, there will be a Portrait tab. The Enable checkbox will toggle the Potrait.
How stable is PitBull4 at this point?
Very stable. Mostly it's just missing features that it should probably have to fully replace PitBull3. It's certainly stable enough for the authors to be using it every day.

Raid and Party Frames

How do I make raid frames?
You need to create a raid group under Groups. The PitBull4 Guide has details on how to do this.
How do I have frames for the Main Tanks in my raid group?
You do this by creating a raid group and setting the filter to Main Tank. The PitBull4 Guide has details on how to do this.
How do I leave gaps in my Raid Frames when sorted by Group for empty spots in a particular sub-group?
You have to make a group for each sub-group within the raid (e.g. Raid 1, ..., Raid 8). You can set the Filter Type under the Filtering tab for the group to By raid group and then only select the sub-group you want that group to show.
Sometimes my raid frames disappear on me, how can I fix this?
Under your raid groups settings make sure you have the proper settings checked on the Filtering tab under Show when.


How can I disable the timer showing how long until my PVP flag drops?
Go to the layout you're using on your player frame in the Layout editor. Go to the Texts tab and choose the Lua:PVPTimer or PVPTimer text, uncheck the Enable checkbox.
How can I change the way health is displayed?
Go to the layout for the frame you want to change the health text for in the Layout editor. Go to the Texts tab and choose the Lua:Health or Health text. There are several pre-written formats for you to choose from in the Code dropdown with names starting with Health. If you can't find what you want you can consider looking on the LuaTexts or DogTagTexts threads on the forums.
Why did LuaTexts replace DogTagTexts as the default?
LuaTexts has better performance. LibDogTag is not maintained as well as it used to be and for most users LuaTexts can provide the same functionality with better performance.
How can I use DogTag instead of LuaText?
You just need to turn on the DogTagTexts module which is disabled by default. Unless you want to use some DogTagTexts and some LuaTexts you may want to consider turning off LuaTexts. You can find the Enable checkbox for both of these modules in the Modules section of the configuration screen.
My text doesn't see to being placed where I told it to be placed?
If your text is sharing the same position with another text it will be shifted even if the other text is empty. This is a known limitation of our layout system. Changing it would require triggering layout updates on text updates, which would have a negative performance impact that wold not be desirable.
How can I control the spacing of the texts between each other and their anchor points?
Texts are actually laid out with Indicators. The spacing, padding an margin options in the Layout editor under the General tab of the Indicator tab apply to texts.

Auras also known as Buffs and Debuffs

How can I disable Auras for some frames and not others?
You need to make a new layout for each frame you want to have a different configuration. The PitBull4 Guide has details on how to do this.
How do I get my debuffs to stack on top of the buffs (or vice versa) like they did in PitBull3?
This feature is not implemented. In particular this made the layout code very complicated and made the positioning of buffs and debuffs to be non-deterministic. There is an open ticket that you can vote for on this issue. It is something that will be worked on eventually.
How can I filter auras to only show auras I can cast or auras that I actually did cast?
Go to the layout for the frame you want to do this for. Under the Aura tab go to Filters and choose Default buffs or Default debuffs to show auras that your class can cast. You can choose Default buffs, mine or Default debuffs, mine for auras that you actually did cast.
My class has a aura that isn't properly being handled by the Default filters.
Please open a ticket. You can locally add this by going to Modules, Aura, Aura filter editor and adding them to the appropriate list (Friend buffs, Friend debuffs, or Enemy debuffs).
How do I add debuffs (e.g. Penetrating Cold from the Anub'arak encounter) to the Highlight system?
Go to Modules, Aura, Aura filter editor. Type the name of the debuff into the Add friend highlight box. Note the name must be exact, including case.
How can I make my own filters?
The entire filtering system is exposed under Modules, Aura, Aura filter editor, Advanced. You can make your own filters that can do virtually anything. However, with this power the system is fairly complicated. The Simple tab lets you add or remove things from the default filters without needing to get into the complicated filtering system. You can find a good overview of the system in the post made about it when it was first added. There's also another post explaining how to mix other filtering with the Default filtering sytem.


Does PitBull4 support LibQuickHealth?
Not at this time.
Where is the ability to smoothly update health bars?
This is not implemented yet.
Can I have frames hidden based on combat stats/who is targeted?
No. Generally we can't hide and show frames in combat. So while we can make frames transparent, they will still be there and will still be clickable. At some point in the future we may implemented a fairly complicated SecureStateHandler that would allow some of these things to be done based on macro conditionals. But this has not been implemented at this time.