PitBull Unit Frames 4.0

681 - Problem with per module options and deleting profiles

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06:34:48 ∙ Stanzilla: I just cleaned up my pitbull4 savedvars by hand :X
06:35:11 ∙ Shefki: Cleaned up how?
06:35:33 ∙ Stanzilla: the module options had stuff from old profiles I don't even have anymore
06:35:44 ∙ Stanzilla: + deleted the dogtagtexts stuff
06:35:54 ∙ Shefki: If so that's a bug with AceDB and should be reported.
06:36:17 ∙ Shefki: Unless you deleted the profiles while the module wasn't loaded.
06:36:27 ∙ Shefki: In which case it probably still is a bug.
06:36:35 ∙ Stanzilla: that's what I did, I guess
06:36:55 ∙ Shefki: Please open a ticket on that to nudge me into looking into it.
06:37:10 ∙ Shefki: I got the AceDB people to fix some other stuff that was making the sv's nasty.
06:37:14 ∙ Stanzilla: hokay

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Jan 19, 2010
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