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664 - HP Bar text anchor

I would like to be able to do Top-Left/Right, Bottom-Left/Right Anchoring of texts to the HP bar (bars in generall most likely.

I have an HP bar that is at least 3x the hight of my text and I would like to be able to put the default player name text as Top-Left anchored and the HP information as Bottom-Left to give the appearance of 2 separate Lines.of text.

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Added attachment 0001-Ticket-664-Added-Top-Bottom-Left-Right-anchors-loca.patch

Jaidan Dec 17, 2009 at 05:13 UTC Create

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    I came up with a hack that will implement this in a functional manner. Update the locations list to support it.

    I've attached a patch containing this fix, but you may want to take it further you understand your addon far better than I do.

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