PitBull Unit Frames 4.0

222 - Portrait strata

My request is about the portrait.

The problem is that the portrait have a "high" strata,
and seems to be on another level than the bar.

Result: my casting bar (quartz or Za casting bar as well),
is partially hide.
because the space for the portrait is the same for my cast bar. (the target as well)

Have an option to choose the frame strata will be a great thing,
but just re-adjust the strata of the portrait is already a good thing that I wish to be,
if it's possible.

Thanks to hear me.

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nebula169 Sep 16, 2014 at 04:51 UTC Changed status from New to Declined
Tikal696 Feb 15, 2009 at 08:18 UTC Create

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Sep 16, 2014
Feb 15, 2009
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