ZoneInfo 2

ZoneInfo 2 is an addon for WoW Retail that displays various information on the World Map about the currently selected zone.


The following information can be displayed (as text):

- zone name, color-coded (friendly, neutral, hostile)

- zone level, color-coded, shows effective scaled zone level, zone level range and current player level

- skill info for Fishing, Herbalism, Mining and Skinning (required skill, current and max level, color coded)

- road connections, color coded (friendly, contested, hostile)

- transport connections like boats, zeppelins and portals, color-coded (friendly, neutral, hostile)

- instances including group size and level range, color coded to indicate difficulty

- flight nodes, color-coded (friendly, neutral, hostile) 


Other functionalities:

- minimize button

- configurable through the WoW Interface menu

- optional background with adjustable transparency

- adjustable panel scale

- information categories can be turned on or off 

- panel can be detached from the World Map (setting) and moved around freely, even outside the map

- panel can be locked in place when not attached to the World Map, with a lock button on the panel

- position can be reset in case you loose track of the panel when it's not attached to the map

- when the panel is attached or locked, you can click through it

- all settings (including position and minized state) are saved per character

- all settings can be saved to a global template that can be applied to other characters


The information ZoneInfo 2 displays on the World Map is localized.


For WoW Classic, see ZoneInfo Classic.

ZoneInfo 2 is powered by Libtourist-3.0


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