This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

RSwapper 3: Swaps main-hand weapon for a rogue, depending on stealth, stuns and other buffs - between daggers and other weapons.

About RSwapper3:

This mod will automatically switch your main-hand weapon to a specified dagger when you're stealthed, optionally if your target is stunned, and optionally if you have the Shadow Dance buff. It will also switch back to a different default weapon (sword) when the dagger is not needed. This will allow you to take advantage of using Ambush and Backstab in these situations, while using a higher damage output weapon in other circumstances.

Important Note Regarding Version 3.3.3.x and up

Due to new restrictions in WoW 3.3, RSwapper3 has been COMPLETELY rewritten. There may be many bugs, who knows?

If you already have RSwapper3 v3.2.x.x or lower installed, you should delete the original folder before you extract v3.3.3.x. There are quite a few files which were deleted and Ace3 was dropped in the update

If you find a bug please report it at:

You can also leave a comment on the page, however the chances of me seeing it are much lower.

Needs Testing

  • Shadow Dance option. (I don't have a high enough subtlety rogue anymore)

Using RSwapper3 (v3.3.3.14 and up)

You must use Blizzard's in-game Equipment Manager to create two unique Equipment Sets, one containing your 'Stealth Weapons' and one containing your 'Combat Weapons.' The name of each set is not important.

Then type '/rswapper3' to access the RSwapper3 configuration page. Press the [...] buttons next to where it says 'Stealth Set' and 'Combat Set' to choose each set respectively.

To make updating your equipment sets easier, RSwapper3 will not try to swap your weapons while the Equipment Manager is open on your Character window.

Slash Commands

  • To bring up the options menu:
    • /rswapper3
    • /rswapperg
    • /rswapper
    • /rs3g
  • I do intend to bring back some of the 'quick' slash commands at some point. (i.e. /rswapper enable).

Data Broker: (Titan Panel)

If you have an add-on that supports showing Data Brokers, such as Titan Panel, you will notice that RSwapper3 now shows up in the list of Data Objects (it may be under the Combat category). This Data Broker displays seven different statuses:

  • [Combat Set] (in blue) - Your combat weapons is equipped.
  • [Combat Set] (in orange) - Your combat weapons should be equipped, but isn't yet. (Stun possibly)
  • [Stealth Set] (in purple) - Your stealth weapons is equipped.
  • [Stealth Set] (in red) - Your stealth weapons should be equipped, but isn't yet.
  • [Fishing] (in cyan) - You have a fishing pole equipped, so no swapping will be done.
  • [Joust] (in silver) - You have a lance equipped, so no swapping will be done.
  • [Disabled] (in red) - RSwapper3 is set to be disabled, or your character isn't a rogue.

Mousing over the data broker object will show a tool-tip with additional status info.

Clicking the data broker will bring up the context menu. The context menu is basically a scaled down version of the RSwapper3 options menu.


If you are interested in helping to translate RSwapper3 go to


You may have noticed RSwapper3 now has a donation button. I will appeciate any donations as a form of your thanks for my time and effort on this add-on. Aside from this brief statement, I will not ask or beg for donations. I will NEVER threaten a cease to the project due to a lack of donations. You should NEVER feel like you have to donate.



  • x87bliss


  • German (100%)
    • Freydis88
    • RogueChromie


  • Was based on the rswapper code by Shambarimen (Muradin), who rewrote the code for the original idea of RogueSwapper by Krax (Daggerspine) aka m0rfin.


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