5 - SOM's save/sell lists being partly case sensitive

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Adding an entry to either of the lists, not knowing that SOM's save/sell lists seem to be case sensitive (although auto-wildcarded).
2. Going to a vendor and wondering to still see an item getting (not) sold that was meant to be filtered out either way.

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
I'd expect it to not sell an item that matches an entry of the save list, whether it's "totem of the tundra" or "Totem of the Tundra".
In any case, maybe you could make case sensitivity an option, either in general or per entry?

Trying to add a lower case "totem" to the list when "Totem of the Tundra" is already on it, throws a message at me saying that "totem" was already on the list although it's not. IMO, since "totem" is a more general term and considering that the entry having an actual effect needs it to match the case, it should allow me to add "totem" as well as "Totem" anyway. (Turning off case sensitivity would render those entries duplicates, but it shouldn't remove them from the list.)
On the other hand, trying to remove an entry called "totem" from the list (whether it's on it or not), also removes "Totem of the Tundra" and the chat frame message just states to remove "totem".  The lists' automatic wild carding is kind of nice, though I think it might help some to make this an option too.

    What version of the product are you using?

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    The list is that way due to several problems in the past of users that didnt know how that worked and sold their entire inventory...

    The main advantage of the system is that with a little word you can sell all items containing it (such as the example of the fish adding "Raw" to the list). Obviously this system has disadvantages as well, and one of those is the case sensitive problem.

    Adding an option to allow or not case sensitive list can be a good enhancement. I will see how can I code it...

    BTW, having the word "Totem" in the sell list and "Use list" activated didnt sold your Totem of the Tundra?



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