16 - Does not clear OmniCC cooldown on paging

==== What version are you using? ====
OmniCC 5.1.3
ReAction 1.1 beta 13

==== Describe the problem ====
When I activate a spell with cooldown and then quickpage (holding shift down), the cooldown is not wiped.

Talked with the guys on #wowuidev, and they had this to say:

18:40 < matt1s> I am using ReAction bars by 'flickerstrea' and have come  upon a bug with OmniCC. The countdown text is not wiped when the bars page. How can I determine if I should file a bug to the ReAction mod author or the OmniCC author?
18:42 < karl_w_w> my guess would be reaction
18:42 <@Seerah> same ^^
18:42 <@Seerah> since OmniCC works fine with other bar mods
18:42 <@Seerah> (iirc)
18:42 < Tuller> well, here's what i'm doing:
18:43 < matt1s> All right, I'll raise a ticket with the ReAction guy. Thanks
18:45 < Tuller> answer: its reaction
18:45 < Tuller> button cooldowns don't update when moving things around on the bar
18:53 < matt1s> Trying to figure out how OmniCC ties in with ReAction.. maybe I can just supply him with a patch
18:58 < Tuller> matt1s: omnicc doesn't really tie ito the addon directly, instead it hooks into cooldowns and displays text information about their status
18:59 < Tuller> the fix, is basically to make sure that reaction always updates cooldown information when an action changes
19:00 < Semlar> yeah omnicc just hooks the cooldown spinner animation
19:01 < Semlar> i wonder how my addon would handle that

Thanks for a great addon!

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  • Avatar of flickerstreak flickerstreak Feb 18, 2013 at 19:12 UTC - 0 likes

    I'll have a look. In a recent version I changed from using a manual cooldown update to using the "c code" version that Blizzard uses - apparently I missed one of the refresh paths.

    Tuller is (of course) correct - OmniCC just hooks into the cooldown drawing code, it's other addons' responsibility to call it at the right time.

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