11 - Item Count On Alts/Bank/Bags?

I don't know if this is a problem on my side or if it is just not part of the addon.

In the tooltips it shows how many I have on me of a item, but dos not count what I have in the bank or on alts.

Is there any way to make it keep track of all counts bank/alts/bags?

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    It should tell you how many you have of an item in your bank, in parenthesis. I can't remember if that's an option that you have to turn on though.

    Mendeleev doesn't actually remember any of the item counts - it queries the server for them when displaying the tooltip. It's possible for addons to get that data for items in your bags and your bank, even when you're not at the bank. Alts or guild banks, however, or not accessible, and that information would have to be stored, which has a memory cost. There are addons that do that sort of thing, like Altoholic. There are probably others, but I haven't really looked - I don't use Altoholic either, I've just heard about it. I'd like something like that too, but significantly thinner than Altoholic. But that functionality may not be appropriate for Mendeleev, though it might be nice if it could pull that data from some other addon and display it in the tooltip. You really don't want a bunch of addons all keeping track of that data themselves.

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