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Decursive for World of Warcraft

Decursive is a cleansing mod intended to make affliction removal easy, effective and fun for all the classes having this ability.


NOTE: Type /DECURSIVE to open the configuration panel.
Decursive's options are not directly available in the "Interface" panel due to ongoing tainting issues Blizzard is not willing to fix.

Decursive usage - Micro Unit Frames documentation - Decursive Macro documentation - Frequently Asked Questions - commands

Decursive key benefits

  • Ease of use:

    • Decursive supports all classes with cleansing abilities and configures itself automatically,
      it works straight out of the box, no configuration is required.
    • Intuitive interface and detailed options, Decursive is suitable for simple usage and power users.
  • Control what and who you want to dispel:

    • Easily Filter out afflictions you don't want to cure or that are useless to remove by class (some are pre-configured).
      (Such as afflictions affecting mana on non-mana classes, etc...).
    • Choose between what you can dispel (magic, curses, poison, diseases, charms) choosing their priority.
      (this allows you to share the cleansing work with other players effectively)
    • Prioritize or exclude members.
      (keep players, classes, or raid groups in a specific order to cleanse them in order of importance)
  • Manage Mind controlled units:

    • If you are a Mage, a Druid or a Shaman you can Polymorph/Cyclone/Hex mind-controlled players.
    • In any case Decursive will allow you to target mind controlled units easily.
    • Decursive supports magic charming affect removal for Shamans (Purge and Hex), Priests (Dispel Magic),
      Hunters (Tranquilizing Shot), and Warlocks (Fellhunter and Doomguards spells).
  • Don't waste time:

    • Your cleansing spell Cooldown is displayed to maximize your dispel speed.
    • An automatic blacklist will prevent you from loosing time on players who can't be dispelled.
      (player 'out of line of sight' for example).
    • Decursive choose a logical cleansing order depending on your current position in the raid.
      (preventing dispel concurrence between players and thus 'nothing to dispel' messages)
  • React faster:

    • Visual and/or auditive alerts when someone needs your attention and can be dispelled.
    • Special sound alert when Unstable Affliction is detected and you're about to dispel it.
    • Visual and auditive alert when your dispel attempts are resisted or fail.
  • Integration in any interface:

  • Highly optimized and effective coding:

    • Decursive was developed with memory and CPU usage in mind, installing Decursive won't affect your frame rate even in the worst battle conditions.
    • Bug free: bugs are not tolerated in Decursive.

In brief, what you get with Decursive is effectiveness, a player using Decursive will always dispel faster than other players.

See also:

Interesting articles and videos about Decursive's usage:

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A complete Decursive guide by @darista:

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  • 2010-02-20:

Video: WarcraftScience's Decursive tutorial

For other videos about Decursive, see the YouTube playlist.

Decursive is dedicated to the memory of Bertrand Sense known as Glorfindal on
the European server Les Sentinelles.
He was the raid leader of my guild (Horizon)

You can subscribe to Decursive's newsletter to be alerted whenever a new stable version is released.

For suggestions, feature request, or bug report, use the ticket system provided by

Development versions of Decursive are available at this URI: ; note that development versions may be unstable.
Unless you want to help testing unstable code you should download the versions considered stable below.

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Bitcoin donation address: 1LEHZuPsiHN4hM3H3Gru5xKmDgCj867eFX


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  • Avatar of Archarodim Archarodim May 24, 2010 at 06:39 UTC - 0 likes

    @chris610: What's the point of doing that?

  • Avatar of chris610 chris610 May 24, 2010 at 05:02 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello first off I wanna say what I great addon, its probably the first addon I learned to use years ago, I have 6 80's so I use it alot. Now my question is one my friends found a way to use decursive to Intervene for warriors, is this true and can it be done, I've spent atleast an hour trying to find how to set that up but to no avail I cant find it, if you could instruct me how to set that up I would be grateful if it is possible.

  • Avatar of Hoembi Hoembi Apr 16, 2010 at 21:17 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi, first of all thanks a lot for this amazing Addon. One question I would like to ask you: With my new toon I encounter the following problem: As a shaman I can cure diseases (later on much more but with my current lvl = 22 it is only diseases and poisons) my decursive doesn't let me use the cure toxin spell on players who have a disease on them it only allows me to cure poison. Do you have any idea why this occurs and what I can do to get it corrected?

    thanks in advance ;)

  • Avatar of Feanorr Feanorr Apr 10, 2010 at 04:10 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello, Is it possible to use another sort of polymorph than sheep with decursive? like the cat, pig, rabbit etc? If yes, how can I do that please?

  • Avatar of Archarodim Archarodim Dec 10, 2009 at 22:05 UTC - 0 likes

    it's /dcr general choose heal_25

    you can type '/dcr general choose' to see a list of available profiles.

    Currently, there is a bug in Ace3 that prevents you from listing the available options under 'general'.

  • Avatar of micromelt micromelt Dec 10, 2009 at 15:01 UTC - 0 likes

    How do you change profiles from a macro now? The old way i was using no longer works. /decursive profile heal_25


  • Avatar of slickwalker slickwalker Dec 09, 2009 at 19:20 UTC - 0 likes

    That was indeed it. Skinner completely wiped out a lot of addon configs. ---- I believe it was a problem with skinner changing my frames. It did so to some others and made the config options 'disappear' I'll check it out after work today.

    Last edited Dec 09, 2009 by slickwalker
  • Avatar of Archarodim Archarodim Dec 09, 2009 at 12:40 UTC - 0 likes

    It's the MUF configuration options.

  • Avatar of slickwalker slickwalker Dec 09, 2009 at 05:22 UTC - 0 likes

    Can't find the option to limit the number of MUF units, or renumber the columns.


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