Decursive's COMMANDS

  • /Decursive

    To open the configuration interface

  • /DcrShow

    To show main Decursive bar (also available by right-shift-clicking the MUFs handle) Note that this bar is also the anchor of the live-list (moving this bar moves the live-list).

  • /DcrHide

    To hide the Decursive bar (leaving live-list displayed)

  • /DcrReset

    To reset Decursive windows position to the middle of your screen (useful when you loose a frame)

  • /DcrPrAdd

    Add the current target to the priority list

  • /DcrPrClear

    Clear the priority list

  • /DcrPrShow

    Display the priority list UI (where you can add, delete, move players) (Ctrl-left-clicking the MUFs handle does the same)

  • /DcrSkAdd

    Add the current target to the skip list

  • /DcrSkClear

    Clear the skip list

  • /DcrSkShow

    Display the skip list UI (where you can add,delete,clear) (Shift-right-clicking the MUFs handle does the same)


All the above commands can also be bound to a key through WoW key-binding interface.

Commands are not case sensitive

Other useful commands:

  • /dcr

    Lists all the command-line configuration options.

  • /dcr HideMUFsHandle

    Hides the Micro-Unit Frames handle and disables the possibility to move them. Use the same command to get it back.

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