Decursive, user possible actions

How to use Decursive at the maximum of its possibilities

  • Remove afflictions:

    • Using the MUFs:

      If you've displayed the Micro-Unit-Frame (on by default) you can click on the micro-frames to cure, target or focus.

    • Using the mouse-over macro:

      A special macro created and maintained by Decursive automatically. (see the link above for more details)

  • Choose who your want to cure and their priority:

    You can easily organize the micro-unit frame order by using the priority and skip list, clicking on the buttons in the Decursive bar (These list can also be displayed by Ctrl-Left-Clicking and Shift-Left-Clicking on the MUF handle or on Decursive Mini-Map Icon).

    These lists allow you to dynamically sort the members of your raid or group per class, raid group or per name. A typical priority list looks like this:

    1. Your name (ex: Archarodim) (You're always the first player displayed)

    2. The tank name

    3. [Priests]

    4. [Paladin]


    The lists Interface allows you to add, move, delete entries very easily and intuitively.

    That's why Decursive doesn't need to display the player names on the MUF interface: The more the player is high in the window the more important it is to cure him as quickly as possible.

    You just need to click on the MUF. No time or thoughts are wasted reading a player name and choosing if you have to cure him or not.

  • Set Decursive's interface to feet your needs:

  • WoW key binding interface:

    You can bind a lot of things to keys under "Decursive" section.

  • The option menu:

    There are several ways to access the options:

    • On the MUFs handle, or on Decursive icon (Mini-Map or LDB), Alt-Right-Click to display a static option panel. (Or type /Decursive in the chat window)
    • In Blizzard Interface->Addons panel, there is a Decursive section.

    Each option has an explanation tool-tip, here are the most important ones:

    • Bind Decursive mouse-over macro to a key:

      Hitting the bound key will cure the unit under your mouse pointer (the key alone is the first spell, use Ctrl+key for the 2nd spell and shift for the third)

    • You can choose what you want to cure and the priority of each affliction type, the priority determines what affliction is shown first (in the live-list) but also the key and click mapping of your spells in the MUFs and in the mouse-over macro (look at the tool-tips to know the current bindings)

    • You can add afflictions to ignore while in combat (or always) per class, it avoids to waste time and mana ; Decursive already has a comprehensive affliction list ignored on specific classes.

      The addition of affliction names is easily done through a dynamic menu in the options listing recently cured ones (no need to manually enter the affliction name)

    • You can display a fake affliction to set and place the different aspects of Decursive's interface when a real affliction is detected.

    • Change the way and where Decursive displays its various messages.

    • You can save your settings per character/server/class and create custom option profiles.

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