ShuckIt is a data broker that will display and allow you to easily open items, like clams, in your inventory that contains other items. Also, display items that start a quest and allow you to easily start those quests. Each time to click on ShuckIt, it will open the next openable item in your bags no matter what it is or where it is.


The ShuckIt idea came from the Shuck module from Cork by Tekkub. The code to find the openable items is based on Ammo's work in CrowBar and is used with his permission. Thanks to ckaotik for the German translation. Thanks to Beltza and Araldwenn for the French translation.

Data Broker

ShuckIt requires a Data Display addon like Chocolate Bars, Titan or Fubar with Broker2Fubar to work.

Features / Usage

  • Display the next item to shuck and the total number of such item in your inventory
  • Display the list of all the items that need to be open when mousing over the data broker
  • Display item that start a quest if the quest is not already accepted
  • Une the /click ShuckItFrame command to open the next item (you can also put the command in a macro or a button to link it to a hot key)
  • Press the display to open the next item (doesn't work with clams)
  • Press a tooltip line to open that line item (doesn't work with clams)
  • Shuckit will not scan your bags or open an item if you are in combat, stealthed or casting a spell

Known Issues

  • Cannot loot clams by clicking on the display. Clams can only be open by using the /click ShuckItFrame method.


If you are interested in helping with the translation, please use the WoW-Ace localization interface and contribute. Right now, even though the display is not translated, ShuckIt should work with the frFR, deDE, esES and ruRU locales.

Change Log

  • v70000-1
    • Legion support
    • Quest items are no longer offered if the quest log is full
    • Added a few garrison related items
    • Converted the project repository from SubVersion to Git
  • v60300-4
    • Translations clean-up: added the missing phrases in the Localization section of the site.
  • v60200-3
    • Filter out objects not meeting the character classe requirements
  • v60000-2
    • Added support for garrison mission reward items
    • Added support for garrison salvage crates and bags that only appear when you are in the Salvage Yard
  • v60000-1
    • Updated for Warlords of Draenor
  • v50400-1
    • Add support for battle pet supplies we get from the daily quests.
  • v40000-3
    • Items that start quest can now be shunked
  • v40000-1
    • TOC bump
    • German translation by ckaotik
    • French translation by Araldwenn
  • v30300-1
    • Added LibQTip to make the tooltip clickable
    • The tooltip is now updated even if open
    • Setup the WoW-Ace localization to allow ppl to submit translations
  • v30200-1 (never release, only beta)
    • Initial version

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