Pokedex now has the standara ace3 ui for managing profiles. You can now set your characters to share the same profile allowing you to only have to set ranks for mounts/pets/titles once.

There are a couple of departures from normal addon profile behavior, though. All settings related to hot mounts, pets and titles are saved per character rather than as part of the currently selected profile. Also, you have the option to override the rank set in the profile for any mount, pet or title with a value for that specific character.

The idea behind character specific overrides is that users will want the vast majority of the ranks set to be the same across all of their characters but will have some small set of exceptions for specific characters. For example, I don't like the way my male draenei toon looks on certain mounts (like mechanostriders) and so would want to downrank those mounts for that character only. The standard approach to this, copying from the shared profile into a new profiles used only by that character, has the issue that as I gain new mounts and pets I'll have to do extra work to keep the multiple profiles in sync.Using character specific overrides instead of a different profile should make it easier to have what I think people are going to really want - shared settings with the ability to make character specific tweaks.

From this point on any character new to Pokedex will start out set to use the Default profile rather than one named by their character-server name combination. Existing characters that ran Pokedex will start out set to use the character-server name profile that they were using before (it just wasn't exposed via ui).

My advice to users upgrading from an earlier version of Pokedex who want to use one shared profile is to do the following:

  1. log into a character the character which has the best or most complete set of ranking information set
  2. set the Existing Profiles drop down to Default to select it as the current profile
  3. set the Copy From drop down to the profile of the character, probably your main, which had the most complete configuration of mount and pet ranks set; this will copy all of those ranks and settings into the Default profile
  4. use the Delete a Profile drop down to delete all other profiles besides Default

If you follow those steps, then all current and new characters will share the same base profile Default. You don't have to delete the old profiles, if that makes you nervous, but you will have to log in to each character then to change the current profile over to Default.


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