This is the full list of commands that can be used with Pokedex. The commands can be executed from the chat window, placed in a macro or (most useful) called through a keybinding. Most of the commands are listed in the Pokedex section of the games Key Bindings UI found in the Game Menu and may be bound directly to a key of your choice. I personally bind Toggle Mount to H (for horse, of course) and SummonOtherMount to both Alt-H and Ctrl-H for example.

  • /pd or /pokedex - brings up the options UI
  • /click PokedexToggleMountButton - calls SummonMount or DismissMount depending on whether you're currently mounted; also supports forms and useful mount related spell casts
  • /pd dm or /pd DismissMount - dismiss current mount, will also exit a vehicle
  • /pd sm or /pd SummonMount - summon random mount
  • /pd snm or /pd SummonNextMount - summon next mount in collection based on current mount
  • /pd som or /pd SummonOtherMount - This command used to flip the result of our test for "is this a zone we can fly in" and was useful for when a blizz bug caused us to think they'd let us summon a flying mount in a ground only zone. It will now first just try to summon from the pool of mounts that we know work in all areas (like Gryphons, Wind Riders, etc).
  • /pd tc or /pd ToggleCompanion - calls SummonCompanion of DismissCompanion depending on whether you currently have one out
  • /pd dc or /pd DismissCompanion - dismiss current companion
  • /pd sc or /pd SummonCompanion - summon random companion
  • /pd snc or /pd SummonNextCompanion - will summon next companion in collection based on current companion
  • /pd ct or /pd ChangeTitle - randomly change title
  • /pd Vendor - will summon a mount or companion with vendor capabilities (Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, Argent Squire or Argent Gruntling)
  • /pd SuperToggle - will do ToggleMount or ToggleCompanion depending on whether you are outside or inside, lets you have just one button for both pets and mounts


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