Classic: Add hostile target frame buffs #1269

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  • Nepumuk created this issue Oct 2, 2019

    Please add buffs to the hostile target frame. The addon ClassicAuraDurations does it already but only for the default Blizzard UI target frame. As Priest it would be nice to see buffs I can dispel, without having to fallback to the default UI and other addons.

  • Nepumuk added a tag Enhancement Oct 2, 2019
  • nebula169 posted a comment Oct 2, 2019

    ClassicAuraDurations only adds showing durations to the default ui. If you don't see any auras make sure you have auras enabled on your target layout and that there is no filter.

    Edited Nov 29, 2019
  • Nepumuk posted a comment Oct 3, 2019

    I was confused because people told me in classic you could not see hostile buffs at all, only with Detect Magic from a Mage. Then after testing with enabling/disabling addons, I found that it CassicAuraDurations puts buff icons on the default target frame. Here is a screenshot with the setting that describes it in the tooltip:

    I tested on my Priest in Arathi Highlands at Go'shek farm. There are Hammerfall Grunt orcs that cast the buff Enrage after a few seconds during combat that can be removed by Dispel Magic. None of the unit frame addons I tried (Pitbull, Shadowed, Luna, Elvui) shows this buff, or any buffs on hostile targets at all. Only ClassicAuraDuations puts an icon for it under the default target frame. 

    Edited Oct 3, 2019
  • nebula169 posted a comment Oct 3, 2019

    I see, thanks for explaining.  PB4 already uses LibClassicDurations so I can look into also adding an option for showing enemy buffs.

  • Nepumuk posted a comment Oct 4, 2019

    That would be great, thanks! :)

  • nebula169 posted a comment Nov 29, 2019

    Finally got around to adding it! Available as an alpha (

  • nebula169 closed issue Dec 18, 2019

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