Oak Interrupts Display is an LDB display addon for the Oak Interrupts Broker datafeed designed with the goal of being an easy and intuitive was to either organise interrupts rotations for your group, or to simply monitor interrupt cooldowns in real time.


The first incarnation of Oak Interrupts Display and Oak Interrupts Broker (collectively called Oak Interrupts) was a private weakaura, that had some basic functionality to display the cooldowns of interrupts. The original weakaura was a modified version of a very useful weakaura, written by redditor Yuqii, which displays the status of raid cooldowns available to your raid. The impetus for then developing Oak Interrupts came when Oak's game crashed, wiping all saved weakauras.


Most functionality is available through the drop-down menu on each window; the function of these options should be fairly self-explanatory. There is a small subset of functionality that cannot be accessed through the drop-down; these advanced features are covered by:


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