Oak Interrupts Display

Make sure you also download Oak Interrupts Broker otherwise the display can't show anything

Oak Interrupts Display lets you manage interrupt rotations and view the cooldown status of interrupts for your group. You can create and name lists (also called displays) of interrupters in your group using data provided by Oak Interrupts Broker. These lists can be flagged as rotation lists which makes them advance through the list as people use their interrupts, optionally announcing the next interrupter to your party as it goes. Note that without Oak Interrupts Broker (or a similar compatible LDB datafeed addon) Oak Interrupts Display will not work as there will be no data to display.

Basic usage

  • To create a new display type /oi new list-name
  • To close/delete a display type /oi delete list-name
  • Common functionality is available through the menu button on each display, including:
    • Locking/unlocking a display.
    • Toggling whether a display is a rotation, advancing through the list as players interrupt.
    • Toggling whether a rotation announces the next interrupter during combat.
  • Left-click and drag a display's title bar to move it.
  • Right-click on someone in a list to remove them from the list.
  • Left-click and drag on someone in a list to change their position in the list.
  • You can leave feedback in the forums or if you have thought through a feature request you can submit a ticket.
  • Bug reports should be submitted as tickets, though if you cannot reproduce it, maybe post something in the forums. Also, please check to see if there is a newer version that claims to have fixed the issue in the changelog before making a ticket.

You can translate all the text displayed in the addon here. If you think I've missed a phrase somewhere let me know and I'll fix it.

No GUI Config!?@!?!!

Currently, the only way to control the functionality of Oak Interrupts Display (other than that provided by the menu on a display) is through the slash commands. In the future I plan on having a GUI configuration - when configuration that doesn't suit being in the menus is implemented - but that's a bit down the road...

  • Oak Interrupts Display is a display addon for Oak Interrupts Broker so it won't do much at all without Oak Interrupts Broker also running.
  • Settings for each display are saved on a per character basis


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