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Installing eqdkp(+)

Installing MorgDKP plug-in

Whisper commands

*Move this to the right page, this is just a placeholder atm: whisper commands: Waitlist mbid wait[+/-] [main] => main only necessary if you are an unknown alt Biddin mbid itemid/itemlink [need/take/pass/offspec] [bid] => itemid/link must be included dkp queries dkplist [pool/s] [class/all] [class] ... => pools only if you want to see what pools are available. pool to get the dkp for that pool (leave out for default pool). all for all members in the raid (if person running morgdkp2 is in a raid), guild otherwise. You own class is automatically included so a pally whispering dkplist rogue will get paladin and rogue. *back to outline*


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