LibTourist Classic Era

LibTourist Classic Era is a library that provides information about WoW Classic Era zones, instances, transports and more.

LibTourist-3.0 was first released in september 2007, based on "Tourist-2.0", its predecessor. One could say the library is almost as old as WoW itself. These days, World of Warcraft goes back to its roots with the release of WoW Classic Era. LibTourist does the same with LibTourist Classic Era.

For zones, instances, complexes and battlegrounds in Azeroth, LibTourist Classic era can provide level range, faction, size, location and road connections with other zones, as well as instance group sizes and instance entrance portal coordinates. LibTourist Classic Era supports localization. Color-coding for level ranges and zone names is available.

Relationships between continents, zones and instances can be provided, i.e. which instances are located in a specific complex, in which continent resides a zone and so on. In addition, a large number of iterations is available allowing addons to browse through subsets of the zone data.

The library contains information about connections between zones, including transports like zeppelins and boats. These connections can be used to calculate a route between two zones. LibTourist Classic Era can also be used for distance calculations between coordinates.  

Furthermore, LibTourist Classic Era can provide information about Herbs and Mining nodes, telling which node types can be found within a zone and in which zones a type of node can be found, as well as the minimum required skill to gather a specific type of node. Also, the gathering difficulty color can be calculated based on skill level or node type.

Note: LibTourist does not provide the coordinates of individual nodes.


An extensive API allows the addon developer to query LibTourist Classic Era in many ways.

See the API Reference page for detailed information.


NOTE: LibTourist should not be installed separately as it does not add anything to the game on its own. LibTourist is not an addon but a library, to be referenced and used by addons (like ZoneInfo Classic Era).


WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic:

Please refer to the LibTourist Classic (WotLK) project page for the WotLK Classic version of LibTourist. 


WoW Retail:

Please refer to the LibTourist-3.0 project project page for the retail version of LibTourist.



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