Have you ever accidentally sold something to a vendor before logging off?
Have you ever needed to use Blizzard's item restoration for something you lost?
Would you like to have some sort of protection to prevent accidental loss of items?

Then this addon could be for you!

What it does

This addon will automatically buy back any items that you have told the addon to protect.

ItemGuard does not protect any items by default, but you can easily tell it to. Simply type in "/itemguard" into the chatbox, shift-click the item you wish to protect, and then press enter.

It should look like this: /itemguard [Fishing Pole]

Protection lists are saved per character, so you'll need to set up each character separately.

To remove protection from an item, simply repeat the above.

If you do accidentally sell a protected item to a vendor, ItemGuard will buy it back and will notify you that it has done so.

You WILL NOT lose any money as a result, nor do you have to incur a 30-day cooldown on Blizzard's item restoration service in order to get the item back!


ItemGuard should work for everyone regardless of language, but its notification text is currently only in English.


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