ItemAuditor Queue

IA can queue items to be made in Skillet, similar to KTQ. To use this, scan the auction house, then open Skillet and then run "/ia queue". It will scan your open tradeskill to determine what will be profitable by adding up the total cost of reagents and comparing that with the current price of the crafted item. In order to avoid crafting items that only gain a few copper or silver, there is a Crafting Threshold in the options. If you set it to 5g, then it will never queue an item with less than a 5g profit. If you also use QuickAuctions, when IA scans it will see if you have a QA group for each item. If a group is found, it will take the stack size times the number of auctions, add 25% (rounded up) and will queue that number of items to be created. The extra 25% it queues up is so that you have a few extra items to post without having to craft every time you want to post. This will become an option to change in the future, but it currently is not. It also won't queue the item if crafting the item would cause the QA threshold to become higher than the price of the item. When it queues everything, it will queue your highest profit item first.


  • Crafting Threshold (gold amount): Don't create items that produce less than this amount of profit.
  • Auction Threshold (percent): When creating items, it adds this percent to your cost as a minimum markup for your items. If you have a 1g item and a 15% Auction Threshold, your minimum price is 1g15s.
  • QA Threshold (gold amount): This is your Auction Threshold for an item plus the auction house cut for a successful sale. This is the threshold in QuickAuctions, but ItemAuditor will keep it up to date.