How ItemAuditor works

Altoholic is the only thing strictly required for ItemAuditor to work.

How ItemAuditor works if you only have IA and Altoholic:

The basic functionality is that it will watch your bags and mail for when you purchase, sell, or craft something. To see this, go to a vendor and buy something cheap like [Ice Cold Milk]. You should get a message that says "ItemAuditor: Updated price of Ice Cold Milk from 0c to 1s 6c. (total change: 1s 6c)" If you already had 20 milk on one of your characters you will also get the message "You already owned 20 Ice Cold Milk with an unknown price, so they have also been updated to 22c each" first. At this point there are 3 new lines in your tooltip "IA: Total Invested 1s6c", "IA: Invested Per Item (own:5) 22c", and "IA: Minimum Alliance AH Price: 24c". That last line can be different depending on your settings. Now you can run "/ia invested" to bring up a window that shows every item in your inventory and any other items you have invested in. If you click on a value under Invested Total or Invested Each it will prompt you for a new value. If you don't want to keep track of the price on that milk you can change either price to 0c and the extra info in your tooltip will go away.


If you are a farmer who CODs your product, ItemAuditor will prefix a tracking number to the subject of all of your outbound COD mail. When that person pays for your product and you get the receipt it will update your prices using the tracking number. Unlike auction receipts, COD receipts have no information about what was exchanged. If you send COD mail without ItemAuditor loaded, there is no way for it to keep track of which items are associated with the payment.

Any time you send mail it will add the cost of postage to every item you mail.

If you have 12 [Infinite Dust] that cost 1.4g each and 2 [Armor Vellum III] that cost 5g each, when you create your [Scroll of Enchant Bracers - Striking], 8g40s will be removed from your [Infinite Dust] total and 5 g would be removed from your [Armor Vellum III] total and 13g40s would be added to your [Scroll of Enchant Bracers - Striking] total. When you have multiple reagents that get turned into a single type of item this is very easy. It gets a little trickier when you disenchant, prospect, or mill. If you spend 6g on 5 Icethorn and then you mill those and get 2 Azure pigment which are 1g each on the AH and 1 Icy pigment which is 10g each on the AH It will see that it would have cost you 12g to purchase those items*. Since you created those items in half of that it would take 6g out of icethorn and add 5g to icy and 1g to Azure.

  • If you don't have an auction house addon loaded or it can't find prices for these items, it will treat each item as equal value. In that situation you would end up with 4g Azure Pigment and 2g Icy Pigment.

Adding an Auction House scanning addon:

For getting current auction prices there are a few options: Auctioneer, Auctionator, AuctionLite, and AuctionMaster. Auctionator, AuctionLite, and AuctionMaster all share a common API for accessing the lowest price for an item on the AH. I want all choices of auction addon to be equal, so even if you're using Auctioneer, the AH prices used are simply the lowest on the market. If you have one of these addons the price on "IA: Minimum (Alliance/Horde/Neutral) AH Price" will turn red if your minimum price is below the current AH price or green if its higher.

Adding (my version of) QuickAuctions:

I have been working with the developer of QuickAuctions to get my changes into the offical release, but until that happens you can download my version of QuickAuctions at This will replace your normal QuickAuctions install, but will keep all settings and groups.

The integration with QA can be enabled or disabled under /ia options. The Auction Threshold in the options is how you determine your minimum profit (or minimum mark up) on an item. It defaults to 15%. Every time ItemAuditor updates the price of an item it will see if that item appears in QA. If it finds a group for your item it will change your threshold to be 15% higher than the item you have the most invested in within that group. Be careful about using this when you first start, currently if the investment is unknown it is assumed to be 0c and this can produce very low thresholds. You can also use the Refresh QA Thresholds button to go through this process on every QA group. This is useful if you have QA integration turned off for a while or if you create a new group with a new item.

Enabling QuickAuctions will also affect crafting with skillet. Instead of making one of each profitable item, it also checks each item to see if is in a group in QA. If the item is profitable and QA is set to sell 4 stacks of 5, it will add 25% so you don't have to craft every time you post and will queue 25-# you own items. If you already have 3 QA auctions up, it will queue 10 of that item to be created.

Crafting Deciders

Before I get into crafting itself you need to know how decisions are made. Other addons can register themselves with ItemAuditor in order to get a say in what gets crafted. I find the non-word "Decider" to be amusing so I used it. When IA is trying to figure out how much of an item to craft, it starts with a decision to craft 0. It then goes to each of the registered deciders to ask how many should be crafted. Each decider gets an opportunity to increase the number or to veto the item completely. If a decider votes for a higher number, then all the other deciders are consulted again with this new number until the highest number has been found or until one of the deciders vetoes the item. There are currently two deciders built into ItemAuditor, Is Profitable and IA QuickAuctions. All deciders vote for the number they think you should own, so once the number has been decided ItemAuditor subtracts the number you currently own to figure out how many to queue.

Is Profitable

The Is Profitable decider uses the Crafting Threshold in the options to determine if an item should be crafted. I have mine set to 5g, so if an item sells for 5g more than it costs to craft, Is Profitable will vote 1. If the item does not make a 5g profit, it will be vetoed.

IA QuickAuctions

note: This is named IA QuickAuctions because the decider actually resides in ItemAuditor.

This will check each item to see if it is in a QuickAuctions group. If it is not in a group it will vote for 0. If it is in a group, It will vote to veto or [Number you own] - ([QA Post Cap] * [QA Per Auction] + [IA: Crate Extra %]). If you have a group in QuickAuctions that sells 4 stacks of 5 Runic Healing Potion and ItemAuditor is set to craft an extra 25% and you already have 10, this decider will consider its target to be 15. it will calculate what the new QA threshold would be if you buy the materials to craft the target amount (15 in this example). If the new threshold wlll be lower than the current price of the item, meaning QA can post when you finish, it will vote for that target amount.


NOTE: This section requires having an auction scanning addon too. Make sure to scan the AH before you craft so ItemAuditor has the latest prices when deciding what to make. NOTE: This feature also requires LilSparky's Workshop. LSW is used to figure out the scrolls that are created with enchanting.

If you open a tradeskill window and run "/ia crafting" you will be presented with a list of items to craft based on the crafting deciders you have enabled. It will be ordered by the item that should make you the most profit. After reviewing the results you can export your queue or use the Process button just like you would in a normal tradeskill window.

Don't just blindly follow what IA tells you to craft. IA only considers the lowest price on the auction house and does not check to see how many items are at that price. So it is possible of IA to queue up more items to craft that it would be possible or profitable to actually obtain the materials for.


Exporting Your Queue

Other addons can register themselves as a queue destination.

From the crafting window the Export button will send your queue to the configured addon. ItemAuditor comes with a queue destination for Skillet.

running "/ia queue" while your tradeskill window is open simply skips displaying the crafing window and exports to your configured queue destination. In the default chat window it will say which items it queued and how much it calculates your profit to be if you craft that item and sell it right now. It also queues your highest profit items first.