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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 4.0.3a


    - Added paladins' Guardian of Ancient Kings (ticket #166).
    - More tullaRange support (ticket #162), drycoded.
    - Mages' counterspell also interrupts spellcasting...
    - Added defaults for most interrupts.
    - Special states now obey the highlight effect setting.
    - Added an "interruptible spellcast" module.
    - Fixed a potential nil error in Core.lua
    - Fixed health module.
    - Have tullaRange loaded before InlineAura. Should fix ticket #162.
    - Added profile version number, to upgrade only if need be.
    - Do not upgrade profile until we have loaded the spell defaults.
    - Do not test harmful spells on friendly targets nor helpful spells on hostile targets.
    - Reworked spell tests to be more specific and quick with spells using only defaults or special. Also added an internal priority so debuffs won't be merged with buffs.
    - Have combo point module also updates player so self buffs based on combo points are properly updated.
    - Typo in defaults.
    - Added +5% spell crit taken.
    - Updated the README file.
    - Fixed combo point logic and defaults.
    - Reworked state modules.
    - Fixed state modules (ticket #157).
    - In the list of spells, do not list the first spell of the "next" spellbook tab.
    - Tidied the configuration panel code up.
    - Enhanced the spell setting panel.
    - Update the spell list in configuration panel when action bars are updated.
    - Fixed armor debuffs.
    - Be more picky about units to scan.
    - Be more intrusive and reactive when dealing with animated glow on macro, hopefully fixing ticket #139.
    - Handle Unicode non-breaking space and show an error dialog for invalid values, since AceConfigDialog doesn't do it (ticket #154).
    - Do not error on macro that can't be resolved to a spell (ticket #149).
    - Properly update buttons after changing configuration (ticket #155).
    - Overhauled code naming scheme.
    - Fixed Bartender4 support.
    - Do not forget to upgrade settings.
    - Revamped the spell configuration panel.
    - Modified how aura with both duration and stacks are combined in order to fix ticket #144.
    - Typos.
    - Changed how the macro overlay bug is handled.
    - Fixed combo points (ticket #141).
    - Added Crusade proc on Holy Light.
    - Have last commit working, and also upgrade profile when switching.
    - Reworked initialiation.
    - Added defaults for various dispell spells.
    - Added a list of enrage effects that Tranquilizing Shot, Soothe and Shiv should remove.
    - Added a "DISPELLABLE" keyword.
    - Hurricane also decreases attack speed by 20%
    - Fixed the error when editing additional (de)buffs to watch.
    - Health-based statuses can be used on friendly units for helpful spells.
    - Totally ignore pet (de)buffs unless a pet is out.
    - Fixed Jinx spell id and show Nether Ward as Shadow Ward (ticket #140).
    - Added most snares, roots and stuns for every classes, thanks to Moozhe.
    - Added Moozhe's warrior settings as defaults.
    - Health-based feedback: ignore unusable/on cooldown spells.
    - Reworded most of option descriptions, making things hopefully clearer.
    - Be more strict and verbose about creating new spells: only known, active spells or items with "On Use:" effect.
    - Fixed ticket #132.

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