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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 4.0.1


Sal Scotto:
    - Removed some debug, issue was in map data being off, data has now been corrected
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - Sanitize .pkgmeta
Sal Scotto:
    - make indexing consistent
    - More map level stuff in place.
    World map honoring map levels, minimap keeps moving the pin around on multilevel maps not sure why
    - Conversion to areaid complete, nodes are being tracked and showing up minimap and worldmap. still need to find a zone with herb/mineral/treasure with multi levels.
    best bet will be to check an instance .. ohh yeah we track nodes in instances now
    Translations still need ported over from GatherMate, why redo it when we have 95% done already minus the new ndoes.
    Still need icons for the new herbs/minerals/fish(are there any new fish nodes??) or treasure types to check for.
    Should be add archelogy? since it has its own built in funder thing.
    - Remove extra check on level since it will happen in the iterator
    - Re-enalbed nearby node scanning. check now also compares levels.
    - Updates to collector, now once again detecting nodes.
    Still need to update back to core code for FindNearByNode to make it completly functional.
    - Updating tracking code, and profession checking code.
    Addon not functional atm. Mid zone data resrtuctoring so wont find
    or display any nodes at this time.
    - Renamed locale files
    - Changes libstub entry in pkgmeta
    - Added in baseline code from GatherMate. Everything shoud be in place now to begin work on updates and changes for wow 4.0
    - Added base toc file, copied the descriptions and such from original GatherMate
    setup some basic localization files, again jsut a copy from gathermate
    Added a license file and .pkgmeta
    - Empty toc for git inital setup

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