ElvUI Currencies Datatext

A dataText Plugin for ElvUI that shows all your currencies

Datatext summary
Highly modifiable
Datatext is changable through right-click menu
Display as many or as little currencies as you like
Option to hide a currency group as a whole or just induvidual currencies
"hidden" currencies will be listed in a tooltip
Option to hide/show tooltip
Option to hide/show icons
Datatext will give a visual warning through color-change on the datatext-bar when reaching/approaching currency cap

Tracked currencies
All the currencies you will also find in the currency-page of the character panel.

Important note
This addon will NOT work without ElvUI!!

Localizations in bold text are included.
• German (deDE)
• English (enUS + enGB)
• Spanish (esES + esMX)
• French (frFR) <small>(needs review)</small>
• Italian (itIT) <small>(needs review)</small>
• Portuguese (ptBR) <small>(needs review)</small>
• Russian (ruRU) <small>(Translation by PocoMaxa)</small>

I'm looking for translators for the following localizations:
Korean (koKR)
Simplified Chinese (zhCN)
Traditional Chinese (zhTW)

Questions & reporting
If you have questions regarding this addon, wish to report an error, fault or defects, or if you wish to sign up for translations, please file a ticket on on the project website.

It takes quite a bit of time on my part to develop and maintain the addons I created, as well as provide support for them. Any help you can provide financially, to show your appreciation for my work is greatly appreciated by me.


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