ElvUI Legion Currencies DataText

A simple DataText plugin for ElvUI that shows all the relevant currencies for Legion.
Tracked currencies
Ancient Mana
Brawler's Gold
Coins of Air
Curious Coin
Echoes of Battle
Echoes of Domination
Legionfall War supplies
Lingering Soul Fragment
Order Resources
Seal of Broken Fate
Shadowy Coins
Sightless Eye
Timeworn Artifact
Timewarped Badge
Veiled Argunite
Wakening Essence
Right-click options menu
Right-clicking the datatext will present to you a menu, in which, you can enable/disable tracking for that specific currency.
Option to show/hide icons on the datatext
The font color of a currency changes when you approach the respective currency cap;
At 70% of the currency cap the value turns orange (offset druid class color).
At 90% of the currency cap the value turns red (offset Death Knight class color).
Bugs/errors & questions
If you have questions regarding this addon or want to report an error or bug,
please file a ticket on the Project site.
If you enjoy this Addon and/or would like support future develpoment, donations are greatly appreciated. Simply follow the donation-link on this page.


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