This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

DungeonMate was conceived of as a tool to assist the avid dungeoneer in the post-3.3 World of Warcraft. Driven from the author's needs, it sports (or will sport) a hodgepodge of utilities and displays that will make working with your four randomly selected friends much more enjoyable. DungeonMate will:

  • Provide all the basic information of the people in your group, including name, role, class, specialization, and more.
  • Provide a button to ignore a player, rendering gone the days of "Player Not Found" or impossible-to-type names.
  • Remember who you've seen before in a dungeon, even allowing you to leave notes to remind yourself of past interactions.
  • Allow you to mark people as "Favorites", highlighting them if you come across them in a future group. Sort of a cross-realm "Buddy".
  • Track loot picked up during your group, so you can see if anyone's hoarding (for instance).(Implemented, but the loot links are not yet clickable.)
  • Display gear level information for the player as summarized by GearGauge, GearScore, or GearScoreLite, if you have any of those addons. (Currently, GearScore support is sketchy, as the authors of that addon are by all appearances not interested in making their data shareable.)


How do I use DungeonMate?

DungeonMate will do all the work on its own, more or less! The next time you are in a group, DungeonMate will begin to populate its window with player information. If you closed the DungeonMate window, either click the DungeonMate icon in your LibDataBroker-compatible launcher toolbar (such as Bazooka), or type "/dm toggle" (without the quotes), and that will toggle the window open.

A player is no longer in my group, but his/her panel is still showing! How do I get rid of it?

DungeonMate keeps showing player panels even after they (or you) have left the group so that you can still leave notes, mark them as favorite, etc. Once you are done with a player's frame, just click the "X" button to remove it. That button won't show while a player is in your group, because it doesn't make sense to hide the frame of someone you're still interacting with! If you need to just temporarily hide all the frames, simply close the DungeonMate panel in any way you prefer (click the LDB icon, for instance).

Sometimes players' talents aren't showing up very quickly, or at all, or even disappears! What gives?

DungeonMate uses a library called LibGroupTalents to detect players' talents. While LGT generally does a fantastic job, it is slave to the game mechanics. LGT makes a valiant effort to remember everyone's talents and find them swiftly, but you still need to be close enough, and you still need to do something to trigger the detection. So long as you're relatively close to your party member you shouldn't ever really see a problem with this, but if you do, try leaving constructive feedback on LGT's WowAce project page.

I want feature X, or feature Y is broken!

Thanks for helping me make DungeonMate better! I absolutely want to hear your opinions. As DungeonMate gets started, merely leaving comments on the project page is probably enough to get my attention, and I generally respond rather quickly. If you really wanted to be sure that I take care of something, though, try using WowAce's Ticket System to make your suggestion/criticism/bug report.

In particular, any suggestions for additional information you would like to see tracked and displayed by DungeonMate is HIGHLY appreciated. I have set up the API for DungeonMate such that it is very easy to add new lines to the display. All I lack now is information TO display!

Some of the time, your updates break everything!

The short of it is that you are probably downloading Alphas, which is probably not what you want. You should try Betas or even just Releases instead. Please understand something about how the Curse packaging system works (or should work, if the addon Author knows how to use it, which I do.) Every "update" falls into one of three categories: Alphas, Betas (or Release Candidates), and Releases.

  • Alphas are numbered like "r18", "r29", etc. and are automatically generated every time I submit new code. Some times I submit code that I know doesn't work because I needed to go do something else and didn't want to lose my unsaved work! Unless you feel like helping me test some brand new code, never tell Curse to download Alphas. Depending on how much I'm coding, I can release anywhere from one of these a week up to one of these every few minutes!
  • Betas are numbered like "0.3-rc1", "1.2-rc4", etc. and are manually created by me when I think code has reached a presentable stage. These files are PROBABLY working just fine, but they might have unfound bugs or not have every feature I intend to include in a full release. For most people, Betas make sense to use, because they are released much more frequently than Releases and yet are still fairly stable. I try not to put out more than one Beta a day, though a common scenario is that I'll find a bug in a just-released Beta and immediately publish a second one.
  • Releases are numbered like "0.4", "1.0.2", etc. and are manually created by me when I've decided that the code is pristine as-is. While there's no such thing as "Zero Bugs", you may wish to only download these if you need your UI to work error-free and don't care about waiting longer for new features.

Known Issues/Bugs

AS OF 0.5-rc1

  • Currently, DungeonMate doesn't know or care about raids. I'm not sure that will ever change... it's meant for the RDF tool, not for raids. If you want DungeonMate to work with raids, please let me know.
  • Currently, item links in DungeonMate are not clickable. This should be fixed in a later release, probably after 1.0, as it requires a significant rewrite of the way information is added to player frames.
  • The entire panel will shift by 1 pixel the first (and ONLY the first) time you click on a playerframe to expand it. I can't figure out where this shift comes from. The shift won't occur again until you tell the panel to grow up (or stop growing up), in which case the situation is repeated in the opposite direction.
  • Currently, the Set Width option is of questionable use. The buttons on each playerframe, for instance, do not scale. This will be fixed in the 1.0 release, as those buttons will be removed and replaced with a right-click functionality.

Wishlist/To Do's

  • Eventually, DungeonMate should track and help other things with running instances, such as histograms about which dungeons you've been to, average run durations, things of that nature. This will likely be postponed until the 2.0 Modular Rewrite.
  • Create or attempt to crate a pathway to use dungeon mate with other randoms such as Battlegrounds and Raid groups. as they differ from Party, they require special additions to dungeon mate to make this possible.


  • Chosen Alias: Shirika | Realm: n/a | Game names: n/a | Real name: n/a
  • Chosen Alias: Elt | Realm: n/a | Game names: n/a | Real name: Sam
  • Open


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