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NEWS: Updated for Legion. Enjoy!

Addon Description

Bulk mail sending made really easy. Bulk Mail also offers the unique ability to automatically send emails based on rules you configure. This is very useful and powerful if you have bank alts that for specific resources. With a few clicks you can now send all collected items to the right alt simply by opening the send mail page.

Bulk Mail is originally written by hyperactiveChipmunk. NeoTron just took over the addon with his blessing and will work on moving to Ace3 and adding support for LibDataBroker.

Bulk Mail v4.0 Beta

BulkMail v4.0 beta is now available for download. The beta is a complete move to Ace 3, LibQTip, LibDropdown and other modern version of the libraries used. Please report any issues with this version so I can fix it. Right now the Ace2 configuration will be kept around in case you decide to downgrade. Note however that Ace3 configuration will not be downgraded to the Ace2 configuration.

Version History Explained

    BulkMail 2 (version 2.x) was the version during Burning Crusade. BulkMail 2 (version 3.x) was the version during Wrath of the Lich King. BulkMail 2 (version 4.x) is the new Ace3 based version. BulkMail 2 v7.x is updated for Legion.
Since it's rather confusing to have BulkMail 2 v3.0, BulkMail 3 v4.0 or similar, I simplified it to just BulkMail with a version. Typically the major version matches the current expansion (1 = vanilla, 2 = BC, 3 = WotLK, 4 = Cataclysm) although there's no guarantee for this.

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