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The concept for this mod was inspired by the Enhancement Shaman specific mod ShockAndAwe(Author: Levva). It is meant to bring some of the functionality aspects of that mod to other classes. While you could use this mod for an Enhancement Shaman, it is highly recommended that you use ShockAndAwe, as it has many features which are not available in this mod. For other classes, this mod will give you access to the timer bars seen in ShockAndAwe, for the priority frame features, check out the mod PriorityQueue(Author: Levva).

In short, this mod allows you to display ability cooldowns in horizontal scrolling timer bars. The important aspect is that the bar width is altered based on the cooldown of the ability, so that all bars scroll at the same speed. Time is constant for a given width on the bars, so you can more readily determine if there's enough time to cast ability A before ability B is ready. It is also not pre-determined what abilities will be tracked, it is fully customizable. If you want to track your alchemy transmute beside your GCD, you can!


To use this mod, you must set the bars for the abilities you wish to track. You can do this via the interface options panel for this mod under the "Create Frame" section, or with the /ais newframe commands:

/ais newframe name barname
/ais newframe spellID 47486
/ais newframe bartype cooldown
/ais newframe barcolor 1 0 0 1
/ais newframe longbar wait
/ais newframe create

Bar Name

Each bar needs a unique name, it is used to reference the bar internally and also when selecting a bar to edit it.

Spell ID

To specify what ability is being tracked, you must enter the spell id. The easiest way to find this is to search for the spell on and then copy the number from the URL for that spell. For example, the address for Mortal Strike (Rank 8 ) is, so the spell ID is 47486.

Bar Types

Because there are different kinds of abilities that classes will track in combat, there are numerous different bar types available to suit every ability you may wish to track (WARNING: This mod is still under development, so many types are not available yet. Bars marked with NYI are not yet implemented and cannot be used.)

  • Cooldown - Cooldown bars will simply track the remaining time on the ability's cooldown.
  • Debuff - Debuff bars monitor your current target for the time left on the specified debuff, great for DoTs or other such abilities.
  • Buff - Similar to debuff bars, these track the duration remaining on a self-buff, can be used to track the duration of a dps cooldown ability, for rotation-based self-buffs, or for procs you need to react to.
  • GCD - Tracks the global cooldown.
  • Combo Points - A bar that fills up 20% with each combo point, an empty bar means you have none, a full bar means you have 5.
  • Power - Tracks your current Rage, Energy, Mana, or Punic Power. This allows you to monitor these values without having to look away from your other ability bars. This is most useful for the non-mana types, but Mana is still included if you wish to use it.
  • Item - This behaves exactly like a Cooldown bar, but you give it an Item ID instead of a Spell ID, it will track the cooldown of that item. This only works for items with an explicit cooldown. Internal cooldown, proc based items should use the ICD setting.
  • Stack - This will function similar to the combo points bar, but will track stacking buffs or debuffs. You must specify the number of stacks that make a full stack, and the bar will fill up based on what % of stacks are full. If the buff stacks 20 times, 5% of the bar will fill for each stack, if it stacks 3 times, 33% of the bar will fill for each stack, and so on. This will automatically check for buffs on yourself (eg. Maelstrom Weapon), debuffs on the target (eg. Holy Vengeance), or debuffs on yourself (eg. Arcane Blast).

(the following bar types are still under development and are not fully functional)

  • Energy (EXPERIMENTAL) - Tracks how long until enough energy regenerates to use the specified ability, extra energy gained via procs will naturally affect the accuracy of this bar's timing. (These bars do not correctly model the improved regen rate for combat rogues).
  • Debuff Type (NYI) - Exactly like the debuff bar, except it allows you to specify multiple spells, it will track any of the spells present, even if not cast by you. This is useful for tracking raid debuffs that may be available from another source, such as Sunder Armor and Expose Armor, or Curse of Elements and Ebon Plague, etc.
  • Cast (NYI) - Displays the current spell being cast, both channeled and cast spells will start with a full bar and move towards empty until the spell is finished.
  • Rune (NYI) - When applying a Death Knight rune ability to a Cooldown bar, it will behave just like the default bar's cooldown does. It will show the cooldown until the ability can be used next, however, these are not always 100% accurate (because the default cooldown isn't always accurate). The Rune bar type is for tracking the cooldown on specific runes, if you prefer this method.
  • Internal Cooldown (NYI) - For an ICD bar, you specify an item or ability and it's internal cooldown, whenever it procs, the bar will begin counting the cooldown so you can see when it will be eligible to proc again. Note: An internal cooldown is not available directly from wow, this will only track a timer based on the number you input, make sure to find an accurate ICD number before creating one of these bars.

Bar Color

Use the color picker to select the color this bar should use. If using the command line, specify them in the following format: red<space>green<space>blue<space>alpha. They should be numbers between 0 and 1, alpha is transparency. For example:

  • 1 0 0 1 is a completely opaque red bar
  • 0.5 0.5 0.5 1 is an opaque gray bar
  • 1 1 0 0.5 is a transparent yellow bar (50% transparency)
  • 1 1 1 0 is an invisible (completely transparent) white bar

Long Bar

A "Long Bar" is a bar which has a cooldown (or other type) longer than the width of the frame. This width is defaulted to 10 seconds, but can be changed in general options, I will use 10 for the explanation, but know that if you change the setting, these bars will change accordingly. The longbar setting determines how these "Long Bars" should behave.

  • Wait - The "wait" setting causes the bar to fill to the 10 second width, and remain there as long as the value is higher than 10 seconds, once it drops below 10, it will count down the final seconds as it would any other ability.
  • Long - This setting simply extends the bar beyond the width of the frame. If the ability in question has a 12 second, or maybe even a 20 second timer, you may wish to see the entire bar to know how long is left at any given moment. However, this setting will make hugely wide bars for long cooldowns (such as a 3 min burst DPS cooldown).
  • Scale - The "scale" type will scale down the bar. This loses the value of having time be a constant width, it may be difficult to tell which ability will end sooner, but can be a useful way of tracking some long bars. A 3 minute ability will fill the 10 second bar, and just move much slower.
  • Hyrbrid - This is a mixture of the "wait" and "scale" settings. The ability will be scaled to fit the bar, so you can see it's entire timer, but once it reaches the final 10 seconds, the bar will refill to the 10 second mark, and run the final 10 seconds at the correct speed relative to the other bars.

Suggested use: Use Hybrid for DPS cooldowns, such as Avenging Wrath, Feral Spirits, or Rapid Fire. Use Wait for shorter rotation based abilities such as Serpent Sting, Exorcism, or Slice and Dice.

General Settings

You can change the general appearance, size, and location of the bars under the General Settings section.

  • Bar Height - This is the height of each bar.
  • Frame Width - Set the width of the bars. This sets the overall width of the frame, since bars of differing times will have differing widths, this value is the width of any bar with a timer of Base Cooldown.
  • Base Cooldown - This is the number of seconds represented by the Frame Width, bars with shorter timers will be proportionally scaled down, and bars with longer timers will be affected by the Long Bar settings of that bar.
  • Texture - Set the graphic to use for the time remaining in the bars.
  • Border - Sets the graphic for the bars' borders.
  • Scale - Set the UI scale of the entire bar frame.


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