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ALPHA - Aiue's Luck Point Handling Addon


An old idea in a new incarnation. ALPHA is an addon for loot distribution within a guild setting. The core idea is fairly simple - attending raids give you points, these points are then added to your /roll when you are rolling for a to be master looted item. Points are stored in officer notes, so the master looter will need to be able to write to those to utilize the full functionality of the addon. It is also recommended that everyone is able to view officer notes, but not required.

Features & Functionality

  • When the master looter opens the loot window, it will populate a list of loot visible to the master looter and anyone in the raid running the addon.
  • The master looter will announce when an item is up for rolling. Should duplicate, or more, items drop simultaneously, the n highest loot scores (roll + luck points) will win an item each and have a predefined amount of luck points subtracted from their total, where n is the amount of the specific item dropped.
  • Queueing rolls - once the loot list has been populated, anyone with the addon can choose to queue to roll for an item. This means that as soon as the item in question is up for rolling, the addon will automatically do the roll for you, allowing you to clear trash without being distracted by shiny loot. Should you win an item, queued rolls for items with the same item id will be removed from the roll queue, to avoid winning an item with tertiary stats and still rolling for the "lesser" version of the item. Overrides will be implemented to accomodate for weapons.
  • Everyone running the addon will be able to have a list of the current rolls + luck points, as well as their personal chance to win against the current highest loot score.

Attempts at further clarification will be done. Potentially I will delegate someone more eloquent to deal with that.

For now:

  • Points will be able to have a cap.
  • You will be able to configure things, configuration settings are planned to be stored in the guildinfo text.
  • Points are added to /roll.
  • Point decay may be implemented later on.
  • Special "rules" may be implemented (higher cost for socketed/tertiary stat items).
  • Point gains on attendance / manual raid-wide "YOU GET POINTS!" thing.
  • And potentially a whole bunch of other stuff I forgot to mention. If you wonder about anything that isn't here, drop a comment. Same goes if you wonder about anything that is here but poorly communicated.

Update: Our guild has decided to not pursue this loot system, so the main focus will be making it a useful masterlooting tool. I do plan on still adding the other features, only doing so will have lower priority.


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