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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 6.2.0


    - SV fix.
    - TOC update
    - Loot award fixes.
    - ML button fix.
    - Some fixes to roll detection.
    - Logic fix.
    - Announce roll starts and winners.
    - Stop keeping track of multiple master looters. It's just overcomplicating things to accomodate for something that can happen, but is not likely to.
    - Fix for parsing bonuses.
    - Misc. fixes.
    - Additional minor typo fixes.
    - Remove stray line that does not belong.
    - ...and missing ")"
    - Add missing comma. ...
    - Config metatable hack.
    - Fix for reading guild settings. Improved storing of guild settings.
    - Early support for guild wide settings.
    - A loot slot being cleared should now properly stop us tracking the item in question.
    - Some early support for disabling points whilst still using the addon for loot distribution.
    - Tiny comm cleanup.
    - Dried up the code a bit.
    - Keep track of who is keeping track of what and how many of it, just in case we end up in the rare situation of multiple masterlooters.
    - Added argument for amount to RemoveLoot() in order to cut down on communication spam.
    - Added some synchronisation support.
    - Rearranged data fields. Which will mess things up for any data previously stored in officer notes. So ha.
    - Hopefully a better fix to matching names off the guild roster.
    - Realm tag fix for reading/setting officer notes.
    - Communication related fixes.
    - Additional minor fixes.
    - Added missing 'end'. This is getting silly.
    - Added missing 'or'.
    - Added missing comma.
    - Hacked together functionality to award the raid points.
    - Award button should be functional.
    - Minor change to how config data is managed.
    - Added a function to modify luck points.
    - Click handler for queue/roll button.
    - Handle removing the item currently or most recently up for rolling.
    - Fix for negative suffixid.
    - Itemlink parsing fixes.
    - Cosmetic GUI fixes.
    - Rolls should now properly appear in the rollframe.
    - A few fixes for roll detection.
    - Quality colour displayed in loot frame.
    - If DBM, then set a DBM timer when an item is up for rolling.
    - Call SendChatMessage() with the correct amount of arguments.
    - Fix for incorrect variable reference.
    - .toc no longer suggests an ancient(ish) game client.
    - Packaging fix.
    - Initial commit. Not functional yet, and a whole bunch of stuff I'd prefer to clean up before sharing, but eh. >.>

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