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Skada is a modular damage meter with various viewing modes, segmented fights and customizable windows. It aims to be highly efficient with memory and CPU.


When you first start using Skada, there will be a window created by default. This window can be extensively customized in Skada's configuration panel; click the little cog icon to access a menu, and then click Configure. Depending on your user interface, there may also be a minimap button allowing quick access to this menu.

Skada supports multiple windows. To create a new window, click Windows in the addon's configuration panel. There are three built-in types of windows - Bar, Inline, and Data text. Bar is the classic damage meter window, and is very customizable. Inline shows the meter in a horizontal line, which can be useful for integration in custom user interfaces. Data text shows just one item at a time, and can also be displayed by any LDB display addon, such as Titan Panel, ChocolateBar, or ElvUI.

In the normal Bar window, you can left click on specific items for more detailed information, and right click for less details. At the very "top" is the list of all saved fight segments. Some data modes have several detailed information views. In this case you choose alternate views by holding certain keys pressed while clicking. For example, in Damage mode, you can Shift-click a player to see what enemies the player caused damage to. Tooltips will display how to reach the different views.

You can also use window buttons for selecting fight segment and mode directly.

Scrolling in Skada is done with the mousewheel.


Skada is very easy to extend, and there are many extra plugin addons out there that add functionality, such as:

There is a forum thread for discussion on Skada.
Suggestions and bug reports here. Bug reports in comments will be deleted. There is a page with API information here.

"Skada" is Swedish for "Damage".

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  • Avatar of Zarnivoop Zarnivoop Aug 09, 2011 at 07:41 UTC - 0 likes

    @angrysteel: Go

    Shift-rightclick anywhere in the window to bring up the menu.

    Last edited Aug 09, 2011 by Zarnivoop
  • Avatar of angrysteel angrysteel Aug 08, 2011 at 23:44 UTC - 0 likes

    With the new Title Bar, its easy to report , select mode, etc. But since the new title bar, i no longer see the little Wheel (config icon), in the upper right hand corner to allow reporting when you choose to keep the Title Bar hidden.

    Is there a /slash command to pull this up? Currently i have to /skada config, enable the title bar, then i have access to the reporting options.

  • Avatar of screelings screelings Aug 08, 2011 at 03:16 UTC - 0 likes

    Any reason why your Absorbs module records widely innacurate information in regards to Paladin bubbles via Illuminated Healing Mastery?

    I'm seeing variances in numbers of over 1 million effective healing difference between your mod and World of Logs on my Pally.

    In game the meters attribute the vast majority of the shields to me, and not my Pally healing partner. Yet on World of Logs its properly attributed to the right healer. You can tell because my total healing for spells that generate IH has a maximum limit of 13-15% of my total depending on my equipped Mastery Gear and in-game the percent sometimes exceeds 20-30%.

  • Avatar of angrysteel angrysteel Aug 07, 2011 at 18:00 UTC - 0 likes

    Ya, it was the "Total" that gave the error.

    No errors at all with r338, everything is working great.

  • Avatar of DavidTheMachine DavidTheMachine Aug 07, 2011 at 17:43 UTC - 0 likes

    Will you add in some kind of profile support, such as a default setting that all new characters will have? I liked the older behavior where I could set up my Skada window on one toon, and have all the settings apply to other characters without having to change profiles.

    Also, I find that I have to keep on resetting the background and border options. They do not save. I set the border to "none", and the background to total transparency, and the settings neither save, nor carry over between reloadui.

  • Avatar of bognari3 bognari3 Aug 07, 2011 at 15:46 UTC - 0 likes

    @angrysteel: Go

    2x Skada\Skada-r336.lua:704 attempt to index local "pvpinfo" (a nil value)

    1 return of GetZonePVPInfo() is a String not a Table

    local pvpType, isFFA = GetZonePVPInfo()
    return select(2,IsInInstance()) == "pvp" or select(2,IsInInstance()) == "arena" or pvpType == "arena" or pvpType == "combat" or isFFA

    5x SkadaDamage-r336\Damage-Damage.lua:315 attempt to index local "player" (a nil value)

    you hover over the "total" right?



    l 125

    	if Skada.db.profile.tooltips and (win.metadata.click1 or win.metadata.click2 or win.metadata.click3 or win.metadata.tooltip) and Skada:find_player(win:get_selected_set(), id) then

    but you get an error if you shift click on total

    Last edited Aug 07, 2011 by bognari3
  • Avatar of angrysteel angrysteel Aug 07, 2011 at 13:28 UTC - 0 likes

    r336 Error on login.

    2x Skada\Skada-r336.lua:704 attempt to index local "pvpinfo" (a nil value)
    Skada\Skada-r336.lua:704 in function <Skada\Skada.lua:702
    Skada\Skada-r336.lua:912 in function "ApplySettings"
    Skada\Skada-r336.lua:457 in function "CreateWindow"
    Skada\Skada-r336.lua:888 in function "ReloadSettings"
    Skada\Skada-r336.lua:1984 in function <Skada\Skada.lua:1917
    (tail call): ?
    <in C code>
    <string>:"safecall Dispatcher[1]":9: in function <string>:"safecall Dispatcher[1]":5
    (tail call): ?
    Ace3-Release-r1032\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0-10.lua:514 in function "InitializeAddon"
    Ace3-Release-r1032\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0-10.lua:628 in function <Ace3\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:621


    Also getting this error, when i hover over a players name. (Cant really reproduce, seems to be working fine now).

    5x SkadaDamage-r336\Damage-Damage.lua:315 attempt to index local "player" (a nil value)
    SkadaDamage-r336\Damage-Damage.lua:315 in function "Enter"
    Skada\Skada-r336.lua:1879 in function "AddSubviewToTooltip"
    Skada-r336\BarDisplay.lua:146 in function <Skada\BarDisplay.lua:123
    Skada-r336\BarDisplay.lua:237 in function <Skada\BarDisplay.lua:237

    self = <table> {
     SetDefaultModuleLibraries = <func> @Ace3\..\AceAddon-3.0.lua:383
     displays = <table> {}
     UpdateDisplay = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1497
     EnableModule = <func> @Ace3\..\AceAddon-3.0.lua:348
     modules = <table> {}
     CancelTimer = <func> @Ace3\..\AceTimer-3.0.lua:311
     IterateEmbeds = <func> @Ace3\..\AceAddon-3.0.lua:458
     windowdefaults = <table> {}
     Printf = <func> @Ace3\..\AceConsole-3.0.lua:69
     SetDefaultModulePrototype = <func> @Ace3\..\AceAddon-3.0.lua:425
     EndSegment = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1007
     defaultModuleState = true
     SegmentMenu = <func> @..\Menus.lua:300
     IsEnabled = <func> @Ace3\..\AceAddon-3.0.lua:467
     skadamenu = SkadaMenu {}
     ScheduleTimer = <func> @Ace3\..\AceTimer-3.0.lua:276
     DisableModule = <func> @Ace3\..\AceAddon-3.0.lua:366
     NewSegment = <func> @..\Skada.lua:947
     AddFeed = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1726
     modesmenu = SkadaWindowButtonsModes {}
     RegisterMessage = <func> @Ace3\..\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:118
     GetArgs = <func> @Ace3\..\AceConsole-3.0.lua:144
     last = <table> {}
     OpenMenu = <func> @..\Menus.lua:17
     CheckPets = <func> @..\Skada.lua:649
     RegisterForCL = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1280
     DeleteSet = <func> @..\Skada.lua:865
     RemoveMode = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1717
     db = <table> {}
     PlayerActiveTime = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1754
     profilesFrame = <unnamed> {}
     optionsFrame = <unnamed> {}
     PetDebug = <func> @..\Skada.lua:609
     char = <table> {}
     enabledState = true
     baseName = "Skada"
     RegisterEvent = <func> @Ace3\..\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:118
     ReloadSettings = <func> @..\Skada.lua:878
     options = <table> {}
     AddColumnOptions = <func> @..\Options.lua:77
     defaults = <table> {}
     IterateModules = <func> @Ace3\..\AceAddon-3.0.lua:453
     resetoptions = <table> {}
     PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1092
     AddSubviewToTooltip = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1874
     GetFeeds = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1721
     Wipe = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1168
     OpenReportWindow = <func> @..\Menus.lua:380
     GetSetTime = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1745
     OnDisable = <func> @..\Skada.lua:2004
     OnEnable = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1991
     OnInitialize = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1917
     Enable = <func> @Ace3\..\AceAddon-3.0.lua:315
     UnregisterAllEvents = <func> @Ace3\..\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:202
     FormatValueText = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1840
     ModeMenu = <func> @..\Menus.lua:352
     find_set = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1207
     GetModule = <func> @Ace3\..\AceAddon-3.0.lua:231
     SetTooltipPosition = <func> @..\Skada.lua:1811
     RefreshMMButton = <func> @..\Skada.lua:598
     RAID_ROSTER_UPDATE = <func> @..\Skad

    Last edited Aug 07, 2011 by angrysteel
  • Avatar of Legista Legista Aug 05, 2011 at 17:24 UTC - 0 likes


    Resizing works perfectly, except one thing (not critical, but...) - when do resizng title of window changed from current mode to just "Skada".

    Window button "Reset" still not working.

    And also not critical, just in case - menu item "Rreport" is displayed as an selectable option, width rounded square to the left of him.

    Trying to report with no combat data - Message: Interface\AddOns\Skada\Skada.lua:565: attempt to index local 'report_set' (a nil value)

    Last edited Aug 05, 2011 by Legista
  • Avatar of Legista Legista Aug 05, 2011 at 12:15 UTC - 0 likes

    r329 build issues:

    1. Same problem with window resizing - width of bars does not changing. Moreover - when i change some options (like font ot texture of bar's, etc) window width changed back - to previous value, but there is now no option to change it.

    2. Reporting is ok now, but only by pressing new "Report" mini-button. When i select Report in menu - appears Report window with no buttons or texts and raises this error: "Message: Interface\AddOns\Skada\Menus.lua:394: attempt to index local 'window' (a nil value)"

    3. Window button "Reset" does not work - even no highlighting when mouse ower. From menu it works as usually.

    Last edited Aug 05, 2011 by Legista
  • Avatar of overfiend1988 overfiend1988 Aug 04, 2011 at 17:14 UTC - 0 likes

    also, the buttons don't hide with "hide when solo"


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