PitBull Unit Frames 4.0


Change log

    - Fix sounds for totem destruction.
    No idea why this code was looking for haveTotem as true for totems that
    had been removed.  Also I see no reason to iterate frames since the
    Activate/Deactivate functions do that.  I'm guessing this was added
    to support MyGetTotemInfo which I also see no reason to use.  Should
    make the module more efficient.
    - Add Fel Energy power type.
    - Allow localization for Latin American Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese.
    - Fix vanishing layouts and groups.
    If layouts or groups were left fully at their defaults they would
    disappear on logout or reload.  This resolves this by adding an
    exists flag to their config entries.  There is now a config_version
    flag in the config DB and a functional process to upgrade the config.
    - Fix the translation for the Highlight module texture description.
    - Remove a number of table lookups that were unnecessary on loading.
    - Allow the texture of the Highlight module to be changed.  Fixes ticket #1000
    This uses the background textures from SharedMedia.  I added two default
    Blizzard textures to the background options since they're useful.
    QuestTitleHighlight is the current default and has a yellow tint to it.
    QuestLogTitleHighlight is similar but has no tint.
    - Fix bug in double_fill_table function that wasn't really hurting anything.
    - Fix the error about Totem slot must be in the range of 1 to 4.
    Appears that when zoning between cross realm zones and non-cross realm
    zones we get a PLAYER_TOTEM_UPDATE for slot 5 that doesn't exist.  It's
    a bug on Blizzard's end but we can workaround it by ignoring the event.
    Reported to Blizzard here:
    - Disable vehicle swaps when they shouldn't happen, since the game has specified not to.
    Note: This is a complete fix the secure code has a bug and click on the
    unit will still target the wrong unit.  Bug has been reported to
    Blizzard.  Generally this shouldn't be a playability issue since click
    on the player frame shouldn't be necessary during these events/quests.
    - Fix issue where you only see the top of the Portrait in 3D mode.
    Looks like the model frame no longer sets the position back to the
    default when changing models.
    - Cleanup some unnecessary global variables.
    PitBull4 should not be setting any global variable other than the
    PitBull4 table, the SLASH_PITBULLFOUR* global variables and
    UI_DROPDOWNMENU_MENU_LEVEL as necessary for interfacing with Blizzard's


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Sep 11, 2012
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