PitBull Unit Frames 4.0


Change log

Cameron Kenneth Knight (17):
      d4bad92: Initial commit
      bf1dcee: Make a bit of logic more understandable
      abf29ba: Change name to PitBull Unit Frames 4.0
      48ddd7d: Add Version to TOC
      d73cfe4: Change @debug@ to @alpha@
      2eab160: Add the ability to have * keys in tables, no ** yet.
      2dc91db: Make sure to remove star defaults when logging out
      d9ac7df: Small bugfixes, make it create initial frames (currently only player).
      f405b7e: Add basic module support.
      aa7818b: A whole bunch of changes.
      8a5a4f5: Cleanup BetterStatusBar.lua
      6dba16c: Separate out some logic, simplifying things.
      fa24d4b: Rearrange some logic
      01f51ae: Some doc fixes
      9953ac7: Fix some minor typos
      b57f3ba: Add some more comments.
      40c8a3c: Add ReputationBar

Cameron Knight (17):
      5911b48: add Options, doesn't do much, but it does allow positioning of bars.
      9f1a0b7: possibly fix up .pkgmeta. Fix an issue in options.
      cbc2a0e: Add CastBar
      2b8abc5: make CastBar work a bit better. Show targettarget.
      a210826: simplify some logic.
      0b32697: .docmeta
      4101557: fix .docmeta
      0146943: Fix up some code, initial icon support
      53586de: Fix the way module registered functions are called.
      2c9871c: switch to using AceConfig-3.0. Add some actual options for bars.
      36244d2: change .unitID to .unit, since that's what Blizzard expects for tooltips.
      52ee2e3: move the module types into their own files. Add a method to add new module types easily.
      a455b9c: add a way for modules to register options. Add the "Color by class" option to HealthBar.
      f7ce9ed: actually position icons and provide options for icons. get rid of all magic numbers in the layout (I think).
      d1492ef: add real layout handling. Add setting of the layouts on a per-classification basis.
      f3e3f49: Add the ability on a per-classification basis to mirror the layout horizontally. This is useful if you have a player frame and a target frame the same layout but want the target layout to mirror it (e.g. bars go other direction, things on the other side, etc.)
      769c4e7: Add vertical mirroring. Tbh, I'm not sure a layout that would use it, but it could be cool.


Uploaded on
Dec 24, 2008
Game version
  • 3.0.3
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