PitBull Unit Frames 4.0


Change log

Andrew Holman (7):
      e1a8a75: adding my modules
      a240daa: removed DS_Store
      fdcbe52: Fixed problem with division by nil when rested xp is non-existant.
      974b16b: Added DruidManaBar module for PitBull4
      a259ed1: Modified modules.xml to include DruidManaBar
      3c4f940: Changed tabs from 4 spaces to a tab for commonality.
      6e856a2: Added druid class checking to addon

Cameron Kenneth Knight (17):
      d4bad92: Initial commit
      bf1dcee: Make a bit of logic more understandable
      abf29ba: Change name to PitBull Unit Frames 4.0
      48ddd7d: Add Version to TOC
      d73cfe4: Change @debug@ to @alpha@
      2eab160: Add the ability to have * keys in tables, no ** yet.
      2dc91db: Make sure to remove star defaults when logging out
      d9ac7df: Small bugfixes, make it create initial frames (currently only player).
      f405b7e: Add basic module support.
      aa7818b: A whole bunch of changes.
      8a5a4f5: Cleanup BetterStatusBar.lua
      6dba16c: Separate out some logic, simplifying things.
      fa24d4b: Rearrange some logic
      01f51ae: Some doc fixes
      9953ac7: Fix some minor typos
      b57f3ba: Add some more comments.
      40c8a3c: Add ReputationBar

Cameron Knight (238):
      5911b48: add Options, doesn't do much, but it does allow positioning of bars.
      9f1a0b7: possibly fix up .pkgmeta. Fix an issue in options.
      cbc2a0e: Add CastBar
      2b8abc5: make CastBar work a bit better. Show targettarget.
      a210826: simplify some logic.
      0b32697: .docmeta
      4101557: fix .docmeta
      0146943: Fix up some code, initial icon support
      53586de: Fix the way module registered functions are called.
      2c9871c: switch to using AceConfig-3.0. Add some actual options for bars.
      36244d2: change .unitID to .unit, since that's what Blizzard expects for tooltips.
      52ee2e3: move the module types into their own files. Add a method to add new module types easily.
      a455b9c: add a way for modules to register options. Add the "Color by class" option to HealthBar.
      f7ce9ed: actually position icons and provide options for icons. get rid of all magic numbers in the layout (I think).
      d1492ef: add real layout handling. Add setting of the layouts on a per-classification basis.
      f3e3f49: Add the ability on a per-classification basis to mirror the layout horizontally. This is useful if you have a player frame and a target frame the same layout but want the target layout to mirror it (e.g. bars go other direction, things on the other side, etc.)
      769c4e7: Add vertical mirroring. Tbh, I'm not sure a layout that would use it, but it could be cool.
      0c8565f: prepare for frame deletion
      7dac629: Switch to using colon syntax most all places, as it was confusing to have some methods use colon syntax but some using dot syntax. Switch to using Ace3 for timers, events, module handling, and DB.
      ce0b5e6: use self where it makes sense
      abf7396: some options-related bugfixing.
      465e5f8: Move some functions around
      6c40e9f: change the naming of some things, split things up some more for clarity.
      0bebf73: move some files around, use XML instead of the TOC to load up files.
      aebe4a2: Move some more things around
      7602a0d: Split up Options into its own sections, put it in its own folder
      d6ef615: Move the module handling parts to its own folder
      f7dcfd5: bgAlpha => background_alpha
      ed68d50: small optimization
      bc419fc: have a set ordering for the layout editor
      f38e0a8: bugfix
      51ce0be: remove StatusBarModule:SetColorFunction, now it's just assumed that :GetColor will be the method to call. Same for :SetValueFunction => :GetValue and IconModule:SetTextureFunction => :GetTexture.
      84c0e3c: split up the icon module's :GetTexture and :GetTexCoord functions. Pass in value to StatusBarModule:GetColor, in the case where you want to change color based on value (like health bar).
      96337cc: change background and highlight modules to make the control they create using the same casing as the module ID.
      05bec11: Add the TextProviderModule type. Add the DogTagTexts module. Simplify some of the layout placement code.
      5c80595: call module:RemoveFontString(font_string) when we're deleting it, so that the module can unregister it. Also some code cleanup.
      5e24fa9: bugfix for UnitFrame:IterateControls()
      2684fa3: typo in DogTagTexts
      e3c0b49: Make frame disabling work. This is done on a per-classification basis and acts as a special layout.
      b8e8e0d: Allow changing size of the unit frames on a per-layout basis.
      4ea591c: change verticalMirror to vertical_mirror (and same for horizontal_mirror). Add a scale override on a per-classification basis.
      2b40bf5: properly handle position with regard to scaling of both UIParent and the frame itself.
      72b7138: make :OnDragStop() just call :RefreshLayout() to keep things DRY. This will also prevent taint issues.
      6aa8f94: Add the ability to choose texture on a per-layout and a per-bar basis if LibSharedMedia-3.0 is available and has more than 1 statusbar texture. Same thing for fonts.
      637608a: make the options frame wider by default so that it can fit 3 controls across the subgroup.
      7c06591: change onlyShown to only_shown
      42d02f2: if LibSharedMedia-3.0 can't be found, use ChatFontNormal:GetFont() instead of hard-coding Arial. This will make it work for non-Westerners. If it is found, then validate "Arial Narrow" or fall back to the default that LSM specifies.
      113271e: Use AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets for the texture and font widgets if it is available.
      abccf6f: change PitBull4:IterateFrames(only_shown) to PitBull4:IterateFrames(also_hidden)
      a07b6e2: change PitBull4:IterateWackyFrames(only_shown) to PitBull4:IterateWackyFrames(also_hidden) and same for :IterateNonWackyFrames
      9240a10: change PitBull4:IterateFramesForUnitID(unit, only_shown) to PitBull4: IterateFramesForUnitID(unit, also_hidden)
      019677c: change PitBull4:IterateFramesForClassification(classification, only_shown) to PitBull4: IterateFramesForClassification(classification, also_hidden)
      20783df: change PitBull4:IterateFramesForLayout(layout, only_shown) to PitBull4: IterateFramesForLayout(layout, also_hidden)
      76ae9b0: rename the module types textprovider to text_provider and statusbar to status_bar.
      bfd72c9: change PitBull4::IterateModulesOfType(module_type, enabled_only) to PitBull4: :IterateModulesOfType(module_type, also_disabled)
      d9ab1a6: Make sure that :SetModuleType doesn't replace any values. Separate the "custom" module into its own file (even though it does practically nothing).
      78bc1d6: standardize how updating and clearing frames works between modules. Remove the "OnUpdate", "OnPopulate", and "OnClear" script hooks, as they're pointless now.
      50b81c8: allow PitBull4:IterateModulesOfType take a tuple of module types rather than just one. Add the custom_indicator module type, which acts like Icon, except that you're expected to create the frame. Change the way indicators are scaled.
      f5d8a90: update .pkgmeta with some libs (not done yet)
      9f7c15a: add DogTag to .pkgmeta
      38c91d3: Add AceDB-3.0 now
      dddd1b4: now AceConfig-3.0
      a17db14: add the rest of the libs
      ba3cc42: AceGUI has to be loaded before AceConfig
      5685b79: add the "custom_text" module type. This is useful for modules such as CombatText.
      c7d5d66: add the CombatText module.
      3be9f41: make CombatText:UpdateFrame have a more accurate return value
      74ee51e: clamp frames to screen.
      26e1516: Allow :IterateFramesForUnitIDs to have true passed in on the end to iterate over hidden frames.
      7889a03: don't fail on the npc unit id
      632dfcf: add a button to open DogTag help.
      a232146: add module-based options, including enabling/disabling modules on a global level.
      f8bee10: Add the HideBlizzard module.
      10374d8: indentation oddity
      adf7ba7: add LeaderIcon module
      72d1d22: add MasterLooterIcon. Bugfix in the Layout editor.
      8031609: add PvPIcon
      e78f684: add RaidTargetIcon.
      4dc653b: add RestIcon
      7489d94: add ReadyCheckIcon
      562ff3e: remove an unnecessary check.
      d8c9f37: add VoiceIcon (actually a custom_indicator, but mum's the word)
      24bcff0: add Module:UpdateForGUID(guid). make VoiceIcon work on a guid basis rather than unit basis.
      2688d54: add HappinessIcon
      3086f05: add a special height modifier for custom indicator modules.
      975ff89: add ComboPoints module.
      d8cee02: make the status bar module type handle extra values properly
      57954c9: make the reputation bar show colors properly
      1e49f13: add the ExperienceBar module
      c5e52e8: apparently some NPCs can be flagged as PvP, not flagged as PvP FFA, and not have a faction for some ungodly reason. In this event, show your own faction's PvP icon.
      f2e7302: Add PitBull4:IterateFramesForGUIDs(...)
      2782713: Make health and power bars update every tick for every frame with the player or pet guids rather than set unit ids.
      9784a28: Allow "custom" modules to show layout options properly. If they return true as their first return, then they will be placed in the top-level menu of the layout editor instead of under Other. Add options for Background and Highlight.
      994f254: if a module is disabled, don't show its options in the layout editor.
      04439e8: along with unit scale override, there is now a width and height multiplier.
      ace7b94: separate the Layout and Enable options (for units)
      e93060b: make DogTagTexts' default n is 8 instead of 7, since I added the experience text.
      bfbb1ee: bugfixings due to UnitGUID("player") not being available on first login.
      8678219: Initial group support. Currently only party will work.
      184f1ee: I think my last commit was odd.
      9b32b69: Merge git://git.wowace.com/wow/pitbull4/zenom into zenom
      0083a09: Remove the Hello Kitty module as a real module and put it into a doc file.
      871912e: tweak to the docs
      802d18f: simplify some unnecessary logic
      96271b0: make ThreatBar work for party and raid members as well. Get the threat text working.
      8b66378: make ThreatBar's :GetColor use GetThreatStatusColor
      6c3adc8: Clarify some logic in DruidManaBar. Add the Druid mana text.
      28f627b: Add the 'fader' module type. Add the CombatFader module.
      8703505: rename x.hidden to x.enabled and negated it. this makes more sense in most places. Disable the combat fader by default.
      043ddf7: add RangeFader module.
      2d0c553: Add ManaSpark module.
      2fbeeb2: add Portrait module. Currently it's a custom indicator, so it's not placed as a bar as in PB3.
      25d4957: do a check for frame.guid and module enable state before passing it to the module's :UpdateFrame, removing a lot of repeated code.
      3cc0d5a: add initial config mode support. This doesn't show hidden frames, but it will show icons and bars that wouldn't normally exist. Note: there is an outward-facing API for config mode for addons like NShakedown.
      cfcfc08: make the frames show in config mode.
      31b9fb0: make DogTagTexts module show [Name of Text] if the guid is nil and force_show is true.
      c51840e: rename :HandleFontString to :AddFontString
      acefade: make CombatText show in config mode
      a2c416b: make ComboPoints show in config mode
      57a8a5b: Get VoiceIcon working in config mode
      a4f02fc: disable portrait module by default. Make the unit frame smaller by default.
      3019672: Add localization (modules not done yet)
      76638d8: bugfix
      75b0a94: AceLocale-3.0 is necessary now.
      e0561d5: localization fixes
      9406b63: localize all modules.
      85792a7: Add options to change the x/y positions of units.
      a398edb: Get config mode working with party frames.
      07571b6: support party-based groups, e.g. partypet, partytarget, etc. Force a fake unit id on fake frames.
      b149562: introduce the concept of super-classifications. party, partypet, partytarget, partypettarget would all have the super-classification of "party", since certain options such as sort method and direction would be the same.
      713bbee: Allow spacing to be set per group. Add units per column/row, allowing you to have 2x2 party frames and such. Allow you to specify which way groups grow.
      60b5b1f: user power token instead of power type where applicable. this will make fuel and ammo show up on vehicles.
      2a2e81b: add bar spacing and padding.
      92abe08: properly use AceLocale-3.0, now that the silent flag has been implemented. It only acts silent when in development mode.
      e94ec09: split off the layout parts from UnitFrame.lua
      cdb069b: split up the LayoutEditor into multiple files, as it was getting unwieldy.
      9056567: move general options for bars and indicators (none there yet) under a general tab.
      e2af627: possibly fix a weird bug with DogTagTexts
      f136d70: possibly fix a weird bug with DogTagTexts
      8a0ea35: handle enabling and disabling of headers properly. Handle enabling/disabling of classifications in config mode properly.
      2d1275d: make bar position show in a lot saner format
      42a3c06: make indicator position show in a lot saner format
      0382a28: add Click-through support.
      dc20b4b: position texts so that they no longer overlap. Fixes http://www.wowace.com/projects/pitbull4/tickets/44-texts-should-not-overlap/
      09dc377: change the layout editor's layout a bit. Add a way to delete layouts.
      984cd3a: add a way to lock frame movement.
      bfea2f9: Convert a whole bunch of indicator spacing constants into layout options.
      864aeb6: Merge branch 'master' of [email protected]:wow/pitbull4/mainline
      3c8795a: mess with some locale stuff
      67d28db: fake commit to kick the packager
      de6c6e0: remove the general options section, just stick it at the top, available all the time
      3870ace: Fix http://www.wowace.com/projects/pitbull4/tickets/47-config-mode-enables-target-frame/
      4fbe5d5: properly change the scale of groups.
      d62e00a: Merge branch 'master' of [email protected]:wow/pitbull4/mainline
      2ee3efb: Various fixes
      16d01b7: fix a bug in auto_table__mt.
      91d5c92: bugfix
      60601d6: bugfix
      fc920bf: Merge branch 'master' of [email protected]:wow/pitbull4/mainline
      2af98fe: Make partypet frames actually work.
      aaf5b13: Merge branch 'master' of [email protected]:wow/pitbull4/mainline
      f5513eb: make healthbar color work for units that are friendly but out of range (partypets)
      5c7a51e: Fix http://www.wowace.com/projects/pitbull4/tickets/77-flashing-text-with-outline/
      428e7df: Rename Modules in the Layout Editor to Other, since it only shows a small subset of modules.
      ec5558c: Some portrait fixes
      79fd23e: a frame after setting a 3d portrait, verify that the model exists, if not, clear and update again. This fixes http://www.wowace.com/projects/pitbull4/tickets/38-portrait-refresh-updating/
      c48af2c: implement :GetExampleValue for CastBar
      6ff2150: add a Colors section. Make HealthBar use it. Currently only allows overrides for class.
      c24fcec: add a separator between the colors and the reset button.
      1df5ce0: Add changing power colors. Make PowerBar and DruidManaBar use it.
      89d940c: add reaction color options. Make the reputation bar and health bar use it.
      d92bd91: add custom coloring for all bars.
      ce60957: add color options to Background and Highlight
      99af98b: make it possible that :GetExampleValue (and the like) might pass in nil as the frame
      f7a9060: Make Module:SetColorOptionsFunction have the last return be a function that resets all colors.
      99aef25: add color options to HealthBar
      67c13c9: Merge branch 'master' of [email protected]:wow/pitbull4/mainline
      344edf1: un-break Aura
      c36c54d: allow changing the low/med/high health colors.
      82dedb6: reverse some reverse logic.
      1dea5e4: fix an indicator positioning issue for Outside, Bottom
      738eade: Merge branch 'master' of [email protected]:wow/pitbull4/mainline
      4bfd803: Make frames snap to one another, for easy positioning.
      ae994a5: disable a bunch of options when in combat lockdown.
      4adf99e: Merge branch 'master' of [email protected]:wow/pitbull4/mainline
      3c6adaf: make the config update if you enter/exit combat.
      7813664: Add options to change profiles. Make it so switching profiles actually works.
      fa099e3: make the custom color toggle update the bar color.
      113cd15: don't make disabled bars show up in the bar position listing. if a bar is disabled, disable all its options.
      e43d988: disable options for non-bar modules.
      f761d03: for texts and indicators, don't show disabled bars in the attach to section.
      be925f6: Merge branch 'master' of [email protected]:wow/pitbull4/mainline
      47eec45: disable modules in the colors section if the module itself is disabled.
      1a47cb7: allow bars to nil out values (useful for BlankSpace). Make BlankSpace nil out deficit and background color.
      6ab97f4: bugfix
      2062117: [DogTagTexts] add Absolute and Percent for Power. Add some checks to make it so all codes are cleaned.
      934241c: add status_bar_provider module type. This is a module type that produces multiple bars.
      bc91f4c: Turn BlankSpace into a status_bar_provider instead of a status_bar
      2ac9311: localize "Default"
      9b93338: Change how libs are loaded.
      9e2cde7: don't disable the "Current text" box if the module is disabled.
      1934a3f: Fix fader modules by referring to the correct field.
      82de7e0: Give CastBar a 40% example value.
      7d3879a: Some localization stuff. When a new layout is seen, call :OnNewLayout on all modules, this'll let providers set up defaults. Allow changing of bar provider bar names.
      ab8d95b: remove a print statement.
      8f80ad5: make text providers key on name rather than a numeric ID. This simplifies things immensely.
      9420b12: To simplify things, store bar and text providers as frame[module_id .. ";" .. element_id] as well as frame[module_id][element_id]
      2854faf: bugfix
      0ee707c: change providers' layout_db.bars => layout_db.elements same for texts.
      e9ede80: whoops, fix some references
      45baace: merge the text/indicator positioning logic.
      45278d5: simplify some logic. Make it so texts can be positioned against one another and indicators rather than always being put on the end.
      12bda37: give font strings shadows. I might make this configurable later.
      6f68706: Fix example DogTag CurMP => MP
      c8d0f00: make dogtag text box width = 'full' (thanks to Vangual for pointing it out)
      e7080c4: Allow indicators to be positioned in the same space as bars. This will allow portrait to be placed on  the left and clickable. This option is available for all indicators, not just portrait.
      a20a1b1: raise indicator frame levels to be one above bars. Fixes http://www.wowace.com/projects/pitbull4/tickets/76-2d-class-portrait-is-hidden-behind-bars/
      42d383c: make frame levels of indicators be +3 instead of +2 from frame.
      f7a458c: make group headers a framelevel higher than unit frames so that all unit frames have a consistent framelevel.
      3d7c755: add LDB launcher support. Much thanks to Vangual.
      35a8503: add custom pitbull icon (hooray for the GIMP). Swap left/right click on the minimap icon.
      8bc5037: urg
      8b9d56e: include the DataBroker libs.
      9f1219a: document the layout process.
      d0fa8cf: Change status_bar to bar
      ac8e82d: some renaming fixes
      6e61ba8: add custom_bar module type
      be4aba4: add more support for custom_bar
      ebee65d: make the :Call* methods for bar modules private.
      310c0dd: make the :Call* methods for icon modules private.
      b7b0a88: make the :Call* methods for fader modules private.
      267cd3b: make the :Call* methods for bar provider modules private.
      2e2b47e: remove custom_bar, as it could be done with just bar.
      8df3a40: remove the custom_indicator module type. icon can be used instead.
      5ef4ea6: rename IconModule to IndicatorModule.
      0d06c79: Add BarModule:GetTexture
      548e2df: remove the unnecessary id field on controls.
      b8c71b3: Provide :GetFont for indicators, to be used by custom indicators that show fonts. No options yet.

Shefki (40):
      efda597: Initial addition of the Aura module.
      31445c7: Fix some inconsistent casing in the options text for the Aura module.
      ba392cc: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.wowace.com/wow/pitbull4/mainline
      2d48223: Make some strings use the localization system that were missed.
      514e899: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.wowace.com/wow/pitbull4/mainline
      cd7825d: Add a missing period to a description.
      eeedd58: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.wowace.com/wow/pitbull4/mainline
      940ca83: Get rid of cooldown to describe the time remaining on an aura.
      e36f273: Add BlankSpace module.
      110ec24: Add RemoveFrameScriptHook to compliment the AddFrameScriptHook method.
      53ef7d2: Remove script hooks when disabling Highlight module to avoid errors.
      195e851: Add coloring by hostility, tapped, disconnected, dead, and so on to
      193339a: Small typo with adding coloring to Healthbar.
      e7c8b25: Fix a typo in the color setting for civilian.
      2f47975: Fix bug with Hostility Color NPCs option not working.
      d090486: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.wowace.com/wow/pitbull4/mainline
      258ad43: Color by class is only done for player units not NPCs so adjust some
      c497585: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.wowace.com/wow/pitbull4/mainline
      15ddb00: Prevent errors on unknown debuff types.
      169d93d: Helps when you actually set the variable.
      cb907e5: Deal with Enrage debuffs that have the wrong debuff type set.
      97ae408: Fix localization on sample auras.  The debuff_type should only be
      7fa35db: Fix an error while mousing over auras in config mode.
      17793a1: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.wowace.com/wow/pitbull4/mainline
      8291184: Add support for temporary weapon enchants to the Aura module.
      df61036: Move color options for Auras into the new color system.
      9e539bf: Allow Aura colors to be reset to default.
      056728e: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.wowace.com/wow/pitbull4/mainline
      4d45c00: Use a pool of table entries to allow us to remove entries from the aura
      d0a2292: Switch to using GUIDs to track what needs updating in Aura module.
      d1d4b89: Add initial sorting implementation to the Aura module.
      b67ee1a: Upvalue changes.
      a8d642f: Add Sample Weapon Buffs in Config mode.
      7b8ca5a: Sorting and Config mode improvements.
      ba03acb: New border graphic for Aura.  Similar to the one used by CaithUI.
      2ca097f: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.wowace.com/wow/pitbull4/mainline
      e1c5f97: Fix an error with weapon enchants in some rare cases.
      f8489b5: Only show sample weapon buffs when they are enabled for the frame.
      5232251: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.wowace.com/wow/pitbull4/mainline
      5cceb6e: Set the frame level for auras.


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Jan 20, 2009
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