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About Morgdkp2

MorgDKP2 is a WoW add-on for automating large part of the hassle surrounding a DKP system for handling loot. The add-on is the continuation of the now abandoned MorgDKP.


MorgDKP2 together with MorgBid2 and eqdkp/eqdkp+ make up the complete system for managing DKP. These tools work in the following way together: The eqdkp(+) website has a MorgDKP plug-in installed, which allows it to import DKP strings and export a DKPInfo.lua file. The site acts as a central repository, which allows master looters to synchronize the DKP standing among each other. Furthermore, raiders use the website to check the current standing outside the game and can spot errors in the DKP standing. The MorgDKP Plug-in supports multiple DKP pools, which requires multiple installations of eqdkp(+), for each pool one. Synchronization with the in-game WoW add-on MorgDKP2 happens in two distinct ways. For exporting, the master looter saves the DKPInfo.lua file from the eqdkp website in the MorgDKp2 add-on directory. For importing, the user copy & paste a XML string from inside the game into a textbox on the eqdkp(+) website. In-game, raiders use either the MorgBid2 add-on or whisper command to the master looter to communicate their item wishes (e.g. need, take, pass, or a bid) to the master looter and his/her Morgdkp2.

Further reading

  • Web-developer The person setting up the eqdkp(+) website and the associated MorgDKP2 plug-in for keeping track of the DKP standings. This installation is explained in the section Initial Setup
  • Master Looter The person handling all the loot in the raid and who uses MorgDKP2 to track DKP. Information on how to install, configure, and use this add-on can be found in the section.
  • Raider A person participating in your raid, e.g. a guild member. Information regarding how to use MorgBid2 or the whisper system is described in the section. *back to outline*
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