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128 - Command for GW standby

It would be great if GW would have a "standby" command line just like Skillet had "/skillet standby" command. It's quite odd enabling and disabling GW every single day since I want to use it on a char that has to run AH scans for glyphs with the ZeroAuctions addon (QuickAuction replacement), since GW doesn't support the queue from ZeroAuctions.
Previously I was only using my macro to put skillet in standby so I can use the default tradeskill UI for glyph crafting with QuickAuctions and would instantly re-enable Skillet once I was finished with glyphs crafting.

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  • Avatar of lilsparky lilsparky Oct 29, 2010 at 01:43 UTC - 0 likes

    thanks for the lengthy description. gw is designed to allow any number of addons to connect to it without having to worry about screen space by putting items in the plugin drop down. it's an extra layer (click the button to access the buttons) but it prevents having to worry about where to place a button on the frame when other mods are also placing buttons.

    it should be easy enough to add za support via the plugin system.

    as a side note, i have used meta key combos to disable gw in the past (like hold ctrl when you select your trade skill and it opens the default framte). but that's been disabled (i think). perhaps a generic "disabled" mode would be worthwhile. i don't think, tho, that it should persist thru a reload cuz i have had people disable skillet and then not realize it and complain that it was broken cuz it wouldn't show up any more.

  • Avatar of Daeveren Daeveren Oct 28, 2010 at 22:56 UTC - 0 likes

    ZeroAuctions (just like QuickAuctions did) adds 2 small buttons ("Buy" and "ZA") on top of the default tradeskill UI frame. doesn't add these buttons to any tradeskill addon i guess. i was fine previously with having it macroed to put Skillet on standby without needing to reload UI just to do my "glyph stuff" then re-enable Skillet on-the-fly.

    basically what these buttons do is that the "Buy" button works just the same as Skillet one worked for buying reagents/inks from vendors from ZA's queue (ie: one button to buy all the reagents at once for all the 2343250 items in queue) and the "ZA" button shows the ZA queue in a separate window (from where you can simply click on any of the items in queue to craft them, in any order you want to). thing is ZA is quite the most easiest glyph mass crafting out there, it scans the AH then it shows a list of all the glyphs available ingame (inside its AH scanning window) in expandable menus for each class (sorted by AH price for glyphs for each class), together with the AH price for each glyph and shows how many of them you have posted on AH (including on alts, through Altoholic's DataStore) - then you basically click (or write numbers) for how many glyphs you want to craft (add in the queue), based on the glyph market price and it generates the queue -> buy reagent/exchange inks from vendor -> craft. perhaps one day GW will have such a simple and powerful glyph tool by itself. atm GW + LSW are still far compared to the simplicity of ZA for glyphs producing and GW doesn't have (yet, as you say) a working AH module (LSW requires a full AH scan aswell, while ZA only scans for the glyphs prices only).

    It's not that huge deal now having to go to ACP and uncheck GW then reload UI and then repeat the process to enable it back, it's just that it would be nice to be able, as said in the ticket, to just temporary disable GW (just like the option in Skillet).

    here's a screenshot of the 2 buttons ZeroAuctions is adding to the default tradeskill frame

    not sure if i should put a ticket for ZeroAuctions so that the ZA addon adds these 2 buttons (and their functions) onto GW, or if it's a thing you can "just allow" to have these buttons attached to the GW frame, but anyway, the most simple solution (if it's even a solution) would be that standby mode like Skillet had (at first i was doing the disable + reloadui thing aswell with Skillet until i found out about the standby command).

    hope i didn't bored you with my wall of text and once again i must say thanks for this wonderful addon and the new aditions being added, i would have never thought that another addon would be able to replace Skillet for my tradeskills, after using Skillet for so much time.

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  • Avatar of lilsparky lilsparky Oct 28, 2010 at 20:09 UTC - 0 likes

    i'm a little vague as to why gw would need to be disabled to run a different addon. does zero auctions take over the crafting window? maybe i should d/l it and see what's going on.



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