GnomeWorks TradeSkill Frame

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GnomeWorks (r27)

GnomeWorks TradeSkill Frame -

a complete replacement for the blizzard trade skill frame.

early alpha just to test some things out.

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  • Avatar of priit priit Oct 20, 2010 at 11:48 UTC - 0 likes

    Could you please add some config? And I would really love GW not to include stuff in my bank to your available materials list. Specially I hate that it thinks I will mill whatever herbs I have and make ink of it ... I will not! (config option idea there - toggle "Will you make necessary materials")

  • Avatar of pagb666 pagb666 Oct 20, 2010 at 11:43 UTC - 0 likes

    For me the queue frame pops up all the time: - Someone from my party zones in the instance, it pops up. - I open the mailbox, it pops up. - I open the AH, it pops up. - I talk to a vendor, it pops up.

  • Avatar of EvilGrinUK EvilGrinUK Oct 20, 2010 at 11:22 UTC - 0 likes

    I raised ticket #101 about the queue window issue (so all the info is in one place for lilsparky). I've only got it to appear when questing myself. You might want to add a comment if appears elsewhere for you.

  • Avatar of Jiminimonka Jiminimonka Oct 20, 2010 at 11:02 UTC - 0 likes

    This is happening to me as well, as I empty glyphs from the post box, the queue/shopping list pops up, and if I close it it opens as soon as I pick out a new glyph from the post box. This is on an un-skilled alt btw.

    Thanks for the update Lil'sparky!

  • Avatar of Palladia Palladia Oct 20, 2010 at 08:52 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks for the new version. I installed it just now and the one thing I'm finding so far is that the queue window keeps popping up at strange moments.

    It first came up when I opened the Inscription window, and I closed it. But then it popped up after I made the item for the JC daily quest, and it popped up again when I interacted with the JC trainer/quest giver to turn in the daily quest. Then it popped up after I finished applying poison to a weapon. Like I said, strange moments.

    Last edited Oct 20, 2010 by Palladia: add info
  • Avatar of lilsparky lilsparky Oct 20, 2010 at 08:15 UTC - 0 likes

    okay, new rev is here.

    there is now a shopping list which is broken up into categories based on the item source. click the item in the shopping list to collect/purchase/search for that item depending on where you're currently located. i think if you click the header, it should collect all the items it can. the auction scanner might barf on this, tho... in fact, the auction scanner is a first pass at the moment. the goal here will be to eventually search the ah and buy the cheapest items available to meet your needs.

    gw also now auto-generates a macro called "GWProcess". simply create an empty macro in your non-character specific macro list called "GWProcess" and gnomeworks will fill in the proper macro code to execute the next process. this can be dragged to an action button with a keybind to allow repeated executions.

    it might be best to clear your saved vars just to make sure everything is nice and clean and no pre-4.0 data is hiding anywhere...

  • Avatar of Moo Moo Oct 20, 2010 at 00:11 UTC - 0 likes

    Love this addon, now if i can only get this to work in 4.0.1 :(

    "1x GnomeWorks-r54\Window.lua:698: attempt to compare number with nil"

    Window pops up, search and everything else works but the create button is greyed out

    Last edited Oct 20, 2010 by Moo
  • Avatar of planeswalker94 planeswalker94 Oct 19, 2010 at 04:27 UTC - 0 likes

    Thank you! I have been a die hard Skillet fan for ages. I still like some of the features of skillet, I like the two panel un-crowded approach, but I also like it to work!

    thanks again!

  • Avatar of Zxian Zxian Oct 18, 2010 at 18:36 UTC - 0 likes

    First off - after using this addon for the first time, big thanks to lilsparky for making this as smooth and easy to use as it already is. I can't imagine what the finished product is going to be like.

    I understand that the internal material counting is there. Would it be possible to at least get a printout of the shopping list required? Clicking on the vendor isn't that bad, as long as I could have a summary of how much stuff I need.

  • Avatar of tabbytabz tabbytabz Oct 18, 2010 at 16:43 UTC - 0 likes

    I love this addon it makes crafting so much easier. my fav feature is that it shows the level required to use the items that makes it much faster when i login me crafters to create things for my alts if i can just look at my list an see the level right there rather then looking at every recipe i have to find things that are the level i need for my other toon.

    This addon still works with 4.0 I haven't gotten a single error from it

    Last edited Oct 19, 2010 by tabbytabz


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