94 - Gathermate Changing Zone Map & Coords

In Display.lua on lines 642 and 722, ZoomOut() is causing the Zone Map (BG Map) to always switch to the map of the entire zone instead of the correct map, such as the shrines in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and also causes any coords addon to display the wrong coords. The check to see if the WorldMap is shown isn't enough because any changes also affect the ZoneMap and Coordinates. There aren't any nodes in the shrines, so I don't see why it's necessary to keep changing the map.

Also, Blizzard calls SetMapToCurrentZone() in WorldMapFrame_OnShow and WorldMapFrame_OnHide, so if the map isn't shown, it's always going to be on the current zone. If it isn't set to the current zone, then SetMapToCurrentZone() shouldn't be called because the player is currently using the map. It's also called by Blizzard's code when PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD fires. Therefore SetMapToCurrentZone() is almost never needed, for instance in Display.lua alone, it could (and should) be removed completely from lines 232, 245, and 613. All it does is cause unnecessary WORLD_MAP_UPDATE events and possibly screw other things up.

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    The way this works has been redesigned and should hopefully no longer be an issue.

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