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100 - [REQ]: Ability to integrate bar groups into a LDB feed?

I know you're probably busy as hell with just troubleshooting right now, but I just wanted to add a feature request for the future...

Would it ever be possible to integrate buff bar groups into a data broker display addon, offering players the ability to view some kind of drop-down display of buffs that looks essentially the same as the regular groups? Even if this isn't possible to achieve with the same amount of data and interaction available in the traditional bar groups (like dynamic timers and clicking to remove buffs), I still think a simple, static view of bar groups in a drop-down menu or tooltip would be really handy, especially for groups like tench or debuffs...

At the very least, it would provide a more compact and convenient view for players who want certain buff groups out-of-sight most of the time for whatever reason, or to save screen space.

PS: I know I should probably make a separate ticket for this, but to save you the trouble of another entry, are you planning on adding LDB icon support? Just an icon to access the options, like the FuBar module or minimap button... Right now the only reason I'm still using FuBar2Broker is just for this addon... ;)


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WaxPaper Dec 19, 2010 at 02:03 UTC Create

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Dec 19, 2010
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