283 - Update Warlocks for MoP

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  • Avatar of angosia angosia May 24, 2013 at 22:31 UTC - 0 likes

    Class updated to Mists 5.3 and supported in version 2.0.0-beta and above of the addon.

  • Avatar of angosia angosia Mar 29, 2013 at 18:10 UTC - 0 likes

    in r1949:

    • Added T14 and T15 for warlocks.

    in r1950:

    • Added initial implementation of Grimoire of Sacrifice.

    in r1951:

    • Remove mastery for demonology and destruction. Apparently the Blizzard API handles the dmgM changes internally for the respective masteries. (This will cause issues with mastery not being calculated as a stat for demonology and destruction. We'll have to think of a way around this problem.)
    • Changed the spell group for Pets and made it a basespell call (works better this way).
    • Need to adjust spell coefficients as they appear a bit wrong in game despite datamined info.

    in r1952:

    • Removed debugging data.

    in r1953:

    • Removed invalid spell ids and Updated Hand of Gul'dan info (needs tweaks)

    in r1954:

    • Reverted attempt at warlock pet physical weapon damage - did not work.
    • Fixed summoned abyssal and terrorguard. Works properly in game.

    in r1955:

    • Added Doomguard.
    • Added Terrorguard.
    • Added manual workaround for absurdly high values for corruption (as datamined). Need to revisit and figure out why this is wrong in datamined info.
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  • Avatar of angosia angosia Mar 28, 2013 at 20:07 UTC - 0 likes

    in r1939:

    • Initial work on warlocks started.
    • Removed old talents.
    • Removed old tier sets (T8-T9). Will remove T10 once T14+ is implemented.
    • Removed old/invalid spells (not completed yet).
    • Tweaked some abilities to remove pre-Mists talents affecting them.

    in r1940:

    • Updated spell coefficients for Mists (missing new spells)

    in r1941:

    • Added comment to verify Metamorphosis aura ID in game.

    in r1942:

    • Renamed Bane of Agony and Bane of Doom to Agony and Doom, respectively.

    in r1943:

    • Adjusted formatting to be consistent with other modules.
    • Added Malefic Grasp.
    • Added Metamorphosis: Touch of Chaos.
    • Added Carrion Swarm.
    • Added Metamorphosis: Chaos Wave.
    • Added Metamorphosis: Void Ray.
    • Added Dark Soul: Instability.

    in r1944:

    • Added masteries for all 3 specs - and simplified the logic on them vs Cata.
    • Fixed a couple extra trailing characters which caused unexpected LUA errors.

    in r1945:

    • Added tentative support for pet weapon damage.

    in r1947:

    • Added warlock pet spells.
    • Added Abyssal/Terrorguards (values may be wildly off and needs testing).
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