Deus Vox Encounters


Change log

    - DXE: Updated Russian locale. (v635-48 Alpha)
    - Durumu: Better way to detect Beam Jumps on death.
    - Durumu: Updated some messages.
    - Ji Kun: Some fixes to Primal Nutriment tracker.
    - Lei Shen: Added Static Shock Countdown. (v635-46 Alpha)
    - Lei Shen: Fixed Diffusion Chain Soon Alert and Radar.
    - Iron Qon: Some rework done on it, more to come.  (v635-46 Alpha)
    - Iron Qon: Fixed Throw Spear Cooldown.
    - Iron Qon: Fix for deadzone always displaying the same message.
    - Iron Qon: Added Impale Message.
    - Iron Qon: Added Arcing Message alert and debuff. (default disabled)
    - Durumu: Changed some messages (ex: "Eye Score under you" instead of "Eye Score on you") (v635-45 Alpha)
    - Durumu: Fixed adds alert not properly decreasing, was always 2 adds alive.
    - Durumu: Changed default message from ex: "Crimsog Fog (2) Left" for  "2 Crimsog Fog remaining" and updated Ru locale.
    - Durumu: Added Raid Icons for Dark Parasite targets.
    - Ji Kun: Fixed Primal Nutriment alert.
    - Durumu: Fixed bad adds IDs. (v635-44)
    - Council of Elders: Fixed missing }. (v635-43 Alpha)
    - Council of Elders: Heroic Shadowed Soul Debuff excluded on 25 by default.
    - - Council of Elders: Added Frostbite target icon. (v635-42 Alpha)
    - Council of Elders: Removed Twisted Fate targets code, Aura_Applied was removed.
    - Council of Elders: Fixed QuickSand message and Cooldown.
    - Council of Elders: Better handler for Heroic Chilled to the Bone.
    - Council of Elders: Added Heroic Shadowed Soul Debuff using the improved Static Bars and Inform message after 9 stacks.
    - Council of Elders: Fixed Possessed swap timers.
    - Council of Elders: Added Ensnared Alert. (when standing near a QuickSand)
    - Council of Elders: Reckless Charge Cooldown now only shows when Kazra'jin is Possessed, its a waste of CPU for having it without Possessed in a 6s Cooldown, 21 when possessed.
    - Megaera: Improved Torrent of Ice tracker.
    - Megaera: Fixed Inform Rot Armor alert at 2+ stacks.
    - Durumu: Tweaked code.
    - Durumu: Fixed Heroic Dark Parasite invalid units message.
    - Durumu: Fixed Yellow beam raidicon.
    - Mageara: Forgot to update the new module................. (v635-41 Alpha)
    - DXE: Updated Locales.
    - DXE Options: Updated Locales.
    - DXE: Improved static Bars. (right now only used on Tortos, ex: Kickable Turtles: 2)
    - Tortos: On ability Glowing Fury with adds 5 fury on LFR and 10 on the rest, reduce Furious Stone Breath Cooldown.
    - Tortos: Changed Heroic Debuff Crystal Shell display, now it displays who DON'T have it instead of who have it.
    - Jinrokh: Removed Ionization arrow, its not needed and wasn't working properly.
    - DXE: Improved IsTargetTank. (v635-40 Alpha)
    - DXE: Removed requirement for text input on /pull. You can still especify a text for Pulls for DXE users.
    - DXE: Make Radar obey Options settings. (if its enabled and if player have a custom range)
    - DXE: Fixed the radar before engaging only appear the first time you see the boss.
    - DXE: Changed how Raid Boss Emotes are handled to fix other localizations not properly blocking it when enabled on Options.
    - DXE: Fix for ElvUI addon skins. (needs review)
    - Horridon: Added health tracing of main adds. (Farraki,Gurubashi,Drakkari,Amani)
    - Horridon: Added missing initial Puncture Cooldown.
    - Horridon: Added missing Next Door Cooldown after first one.
    - Council of Elders: Added Skull icon on Possessed Boss.
    - Mageara: Fixed Cinder Cooldown and added Cinders Cooldown to Heroic mode.
    - Mageara: Fixed Suppression Debuff not being removed from Debuff Bars after the player has been Dispelled.
    - Mageara: Tweaked some messages.
    - Mageara: Fixed Icy Ground event/message.
    - Mageara: Fixed Breath Cooldown not starting after a rampage.
    - Mageara: Added Move Away arrow for Torrent of Ice targets.
    - Mageara: Fixed last head kill displaying Rampage (7) and Rampage (8).
    - Mageara: Fixed not killing all the Cooldowns when Rampage occurs.
    - Ji Kun: Fixed multi alerts on some clients. (needs review)
    - Ji Kun: Fixed wrong nest count.
    - Twins Consorts: Added missing Cooldowns on Phase 3.
    - Twins Consorts: Added Message and Debuff bars for healers Corrupted Healing.
    - DXE: Toc Update for 5.3. (v635-39 Alpha)
    - DXE: More Russian Locales added.
    - DXE: Added new Blizzard whisper sound.
    - Lei Shen: Added Move Away arrow for Overcharge when you are more than 30y but less than 46y.
    - Lei Shen: Tweaked Overcharge.
    - Lei Shen: Fixed incorrect starter phase with made Phase2 and Phase3 timers totally wrong (ex: Phase 3 was Phase2), again need to sleep more.
    - Lei Shen: Added Crashing Thunder under you alert.
    - Lei Shen: Fixed Static Shock Debuff bar not showing if the target was more than 30 yards.
    - Lei Shen: Added missing Helm of Command Heroic bars.
    - DXE: Quick Fix for nil units on Target Tank (v635-38 Alpha)
    - Tortos: Disabled by default Crystal Shell (heroic) Debuff bars. (can be enabled on options)  (v635-37 Alpha)
    - Tortos: Added Player Death check for Crystal Shell Removed alert. (spammy on death)
    - DXE Options: Updated some Russian Locales. (thanks horws!)
    - Lei Shen: Attempt to fix Overcharge issue on Russian client, overcharge stun 136326 counting has 136295. (v635-36 Alpha)
    - DXE: Added NPCs and Zone Russian locales for Throne of Thunder, thanks horws!
    - DXE: Fixed in some cases istank, isdps and ishealer not detecting player UnitClass, this made always return false.
    - Dorumu: Added Life Drain say stacks. (v635-35 Alpha)
    - Dorumu: Changed the way the message are present.
    - Dorumu: Life Drain Debuff tracks all players affected and its stacks, not only the player.
    - Council of Elders: Removed constant arrow check for Biting Cold afected player (performance reasons)
    - Council of Elders: Added Healer Inform alert for Biting Cold target and when its get removed.
    - DXE: Updated some more RU locale.
    - DXE: Changed the way of checking if is Healer, Tank and Dps.
    - Horridon: Fixed incorrect spell alert for Triple Puncture at 9 stacks, was reporting Frigid Assault.
    - Dark Animus: Fixed Anima Ring Cooldown not updating.
    - Primordius: Added Fully Mutated message count. (ex: Fully Mutated (2/5))
    - Simplified Dps role check (v635-34 Alpha)
    - DXE: Updated Rus Locale for Jin'rokh and Horrison. (thanks horws)
    - DXE: Fixed excluding DPS also excluding Tanks. (seriously i need to sleep more)
    - Tortos: Added Summon Bats Cooldown.
    - Iron Qon: By default disabled Unleashed Flame Alert, you can enable it on Options. Unleashed Flame Cooldown is still enabled.
    - Ji Kun: Fixed and re-added updated module.
    - Sorry for that, fixed DXE start timers (v635-32 Alpha)
    - New Russian locale for Horrison. (v635-31 Alpha)
    - Durumu : Revert to older version until i properly fix it.
    - Durumu: New way of detecting spawns to avoid localize.
    - Dark Animus: Fixed Anima Ring Cooldown.  (v635-30 Alpha)
    - Dark Animus: Fixed Siphon Anima Cooldown.
    - Iron Qon: Fixed Dead Zone Cooldown.
    - Twin Consorts: Fixed Cosmic Barrage Cooldown.
    - Twin Consorts: Fixed Tears of the Sun Cooldown.
    - Horrison: Fixed Double Swipe Cooldown.
    - Horrison: Changed Russian translation to see if charge and doors alert/timers works properly. < needs review
    - Mageara: Added Breath Cooldown.
    - Ji Kun: Fixed LFR Feed Young Cooldown.
    - Primordius: Fixed Fully Mutated Ended alert.
    - Dark Animus: Tweaked some messages.
    - Fixed Wrong Map Size Coords on Throne of Thunder.
    - revert Ji Kun module, not ready yet
    - Council of Elders: Fixed Biting Cold Arrow not reseting.
    - Ji Kun: Added Heroic Nest Guardian alert. (Big Bird Add)
    - Ji Kun: Improved Daedalian Wings alert.
    - Ji Kun: Changed events of FeedYoung, Quills and Downcraft to cover all the room and bypass CombatLog limitations.
    - Ji Kun: Added Caws Incoming alert.
    - Added DXE pull timers send to DBM players. (can't test BigWigs, haven't found anyone with it yet :|)
    - Fixed pull timers error when the player is Party/Raid Leader.
    - 1st version of deDE and ruRU locales. (ex: Boss chat triggers)
    - Horrison: Fixed heroic DireCall Cooldown.
    - Lei Shen: Fixed Thunderstruck and Lightning Whip cooldown not showing on phase 3.
    - Dorumu: Changed Blue, Red, Yellow and Force of Will precast from EMOTE to SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS, thanks Blizzard for enabling this again. (faster)
    - Dorumu: Fixed some Cooldowns and various improvements to the encounter.
    - Tortos: Fixed RockFall.
    - By players request, added KILJAEDEN02 and BLACK_Illidan_04 sound alerts (Alert 17 and 18) to better DBM to DXE transition.
    - Twin Consorts: Fixed Phase 2 message on pull.
    - Note: Both Twin Consorts and Iron Qon will have full review.
    - Lei Shen: Fixed Raid Icons Marking.
    - Dark Animus: Fixed Siphon Anima alert spam.
    - Invoker: Added missing RAID_BOSS_WHISPER event.
    - Added DBM Pull timers sync, more options to come.
    - IronQon: Fixed Arcing spam.
    - IronQon: Filtered Scorched Debuff on 25, can be disabled on IronQon Options.
    - TwinConsorts: Fixed FanOfFlamesDebuff wrong SpellID.
    - TwinConsorts: Fixed some messages display.
    - TwinConsorts: Fixed Blazing Daylight icon.
    (both IronQon and TwinConsorts will need further review)
    - Lei Shen: Fixed Bouncing Bolt Cooldown.
    - Primordious: Removed incorrect LFR check on Fully Mutated Debuff.
    - Jin'rokh the Breaker: Fixed Ionization on YOU message.
    - Dorumu: Tweaked messages.
    - Dorumu: Various fixes to the encounter.
    - Options: Fixed incorrect alerts values.
    - Dark Animus: Fixed incorrect Debuff alert for Anima Font (was always displaying YOU: Anima Font).
    - Dark Animus: Added Debuff alert for your Crimson Wake.
    - - Megaera: Fix RotArmor triggering Ignite Flesh alert.
    - Megaera: Better RotArmor, Ignite Flesh and Arctic Freeze message.
    - Tortos: Fix Heroic Crystal Shell (needs testing).
    - Dorumu: Changed the display of Force Of Will near you message and sound.
    - Dorumu: Added arrow to move away from the target affected by Force of Will if its near you.
    - JiKun: Fix wrong initial Quills cooldown.
    - Lei Shen: Fix Electick Shock message spam.
    - Options: moved option "replace Me with player" from Encounters->boss->Announces to Alerts->Announces. This makes it Global. By Default enabled (many player request).
    - - Fix no icons on some EJ abilitys.
    - Fix Megaera Icy Ground.
    - Fix Primordius ViscousHorror message.
    - update
    - - 1st version for 5.2 Throne Of Thunder


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Jun 21, 2013
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