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    Jul 4, 2015
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tag v684
Maev81 <e.dias@live.com.pt>
2015-07-04 19:43:22 +0100

Tagging as v684


    - Core:
    ---- Fixed issue that caused dxe to always show playername instead of targetname.
    ---- Fixed error on encounter end caused by no encounterid (ShadowLord Iskar)
    - Plugins:
    ---- Interrupt Annoucer: Fixed issue with spellstole.
    - Hellfire Citadel:
    ---- ShadowLord Iskar: Fixed issue that caused this encounter to causes errors and bad playername tracking.
    ---- ShadowLord Iskar: Added Adds health tracking.
    ---- ShadowLord Iskar: Fixed "Dispell Felbomb on playername" inform alert when you are a healer and receive the Eye of Anzu.
    ---- ShadowLord Iskar: Fixed FelIncineration announce.
    ---- ShadowLord Iskar: Removed Phantasmal Fel Bomb message alert, best not overlap with Fel Bomb.
    ---- Archimonde: Fixed Focused Chaos debuff tracking.
    ---- FelLord Zakuun: Added Phase One and Phase Two cooldowns.
    ---- FelLord Zakuun: Tweaked all the cooldowns timers.
    ---- FelLord Zakuun: Added Disembodied debuff tracking.
    ---- FelLord Zakuun: Added Soul Cleave message alert.
    ---- Gorefiend: Added Touch of Doom countdown, when applied its 8s and the countdown announce will start when its 4s remaining.
    ---- Kormrok: Fixed timers not showing after first energy phase.
    ---- Socrethar: Fixed Shattered Defense message and debuff tracking.
    ---- Socrethar : Tweaked Sargerei Dominator cooldown timers.

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