Change log

James D. Callahan III:
    - In ReDisplay(): Fix call to GetExclusions() - should have been MarkExclusions(). Reworked global Collectinator_ProgressBar[Text] to be addon.Frame.progress_bar[.text]. The SetProgressBar() function is now addon.Frame.progress_bar:Update() and it uses the new filter logic.
    - In addon:ScanCompanions(): Catch all return values for GetCompanionInfo(), and check for nil spellIDs. In addon:UpdateFilters(): Re-write to use scantype so it will actually work. Throughout file: Renamed totalknownpets, totalpets, totalknownmounts, and totalmounts to critter_known, mount_known, critter_total, and mount_total to work with the new filter code.
    - Simplify CheckDisplayFaction().
    - In expandEntry(): Move initial index incrementing to AFTER the local variables that rely on it so the list will have the proper offsets.
    - In SetCollectibleButtonTooltip(): Use QTip:Release() instead of hiding the tooltip.
    - Replaced usage of MakeMiniPetTable() and MakeMountTable() with GetMiniPetTotal() and GetMountTotal().
    - Renamed addon:MakeMountTable() to addon:GetMountTotal(), moved initialization of num_mounts to its declaration outside of the function, and return its value rather than nil if initialized is true. In AddMount(): Removed the Class check, since passing it as nil should be handled in addon:AddCompanion() and not here.
    - Renamed addon:MakeMiniPetTable() to addon:GetMiniPetTotal(), moved initialization of num_pets to its declaration outside of the function, and return its value rather than nil if initialized is true.
    - In GenerateTooltipContent(): Renamed repvndr and rplvl variables to rep_vendor and rep_level. Added nil check for rep_vendor.
    - Remove reference to missing function.  Pet display now works again.
    - Fix a few more typos.
    - Fix Winterspring typo.
    - Move the count variables out of the function and into the scope so it'll work correctly.
John Pasula:
    - Remove babble class from required libs.
    - Fix babble references.
    - Add pre-processing stuff to review.
    - Remove rep filter flags from the frame, I don't think we use them there.
    - Update some pet db flags.
    - Fix mechanical squirrel box flag issue thanks to theorbtwo.
    - Move maxfilterflags to somewhere more accessible.
    - Move the rep flags to the do/end block
    - Convert a bunch of the code to use constants.  WTB include constants.h
    - Remove text based debug dump.
    - Add some constants to the main file.
    - More mount info added
    - Mounts up to spell ID 17461 havecorrect flags.


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Sep 19, 2009
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  • 3.2.0
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